Lets Get Lippy! My Thoughts On The New YSL Volupté Tint-in-Balms

Okay so I probably found out about YSL releasing these gorgeous Tint-in-balms mostly from over in Japan as I tend to follow a bunch of Japanese models and bloggers already but when I saw that these were all a trend over there I was quite jealous! I will say. 

These balms originally released internationally last month in February but however only on the Selfridges website and they were sold out immediately. I was absolutely torn but luckily I was able to snag one of them off of an Ebay seller, brand new in the colour I wanted which is "Try Me Berry" in #12 and it's a lovely deep girly pink.

Other shades I really want to try are "Seduce Me Pink" #10 and "Tease Me Pink" #2 however I do worry that those could be a bit too sheer for my lips since they are a lot lighter compared to this shade. 

I do know for sure that this month these will be available again in Selfridges and hopefully other beauty department stores around the U.K. It is a crime to not even have these available properly yet! These balms are just so adorable. 

I have already looked into other reviews from various bloggers who were able to get a hold of them and found that they've been a delight. 

Although just as I mentioned some of the shades may appear to be a bit too opaque and you may not see much of a different.

These are more or less just solid lip glosses in my opinion. I would not say these are anything special but I suppose we all have a preference, I chose to buy one of these balms due to their appearance and the overall hype made over them really. That's just me being completely honest and I am glad I bought one! 

Also these lovely lip balms have a brilliant intensity and a long lasting amount of lip tint along with following Volupte Tint-in-Oil prior also combining with the famous Rouge Volute line. 

I will say that I find the new formula pleasing as it is very moisturising, quite nourishing and having looked into the ingredients I found that these balms contain macadamia oil, apricot, passion fruit, jojoba oil and a hint of pomegranate extract thrown in there. All these wonderful properties are incredible for embracing the delicacy of your lips and showering them with care. 

I will say having worn this balm a few times now that I have a good burst of colour on my lips which isn't too harsh and I love how supple my lips look with this product on. The scent for "Try Me Berry" is incredibly enticing! It's hard not to want to just lick it off when the formula smells like a mixture of raspberries, strawberries and watermelons! 

From this new collection there are 12 shades in total, all split in 3 categories where you can pick your most desired colour and finish. 

Me But Flirtier are sheer and glow shades with a bit more shimmer:
  • N°3 Call Me Rose
  • N°1 Cream Me Nude
  • N°2 Tease Me Pink
  • N°7 Flirt Me Coral 
Me But Sexier feature all the brighter and bolder shades:
  • N°8 Catch Me Orange
  • N°9 Tempt Me Pink
  • N°10 Seduce Me Pink
  • N°11 Play Me Fuchsia
Me But Hotter are for those who want delicious sexy intense shades on their puckers:
  • N°4 Desire Me Pink
  • N°12 Try Me Berry
  • N°6 Touch Me Red
  • N°5 Dare Me Plum

What are your thoughts on these sweet lip balms so far then? Reckon they're a hit or miss? They're a definite must have on my list!


February Through My Phone 2017!

As for February I can say quite a fair few things happened despite the usual rounds of university classes, my part time job, you know the absolute boring parts of my life I would father talk about the more interesting things and I want to share them with you! 

So was sent some gorgeous treats from my friend over in Japan! These are chocolates believe it or not but in Japan its normal for female friends to share chocolate and gifts which each other. 

The girls usually give gifts to the men but do not receive any until White day which is in March. So it's two separate Valentines days technically! I was happy to get these from her, they are so gorgeous and tasted delicious! I feel so lucky to have her as a friend sometimes. 

I'm just glad that it's finally Spring now! Lighter mornings, longer evenings, cooler air with a tint of warmth and all the gorgeous collections from various brands are being released now. 

Plus I recently purchased the new "Cherry Blossom" Yankee Candle which smells absolutely divine! I haven't burnt it yet though... it's too nice! 

I've been experimenting with different brands of make up again and I have always been fairly curious about these Dior lip glosses. 

So I got one to try off of Ebay as a whim really and I'm surprised just by how much I like this? It's got tiny speckles of glitter inside but it's very sweet! I miss lipgloss,  it isn't really a big thing anymore these days but I still appreciate a bit of shine on my lips every now and again! 

I think I prefer lipgloss a lot more over matte liquid lipsticks though... I really cannot get into trend at all. I did try to be open minded and I tried many liquid lipsticks from other brands such as NYX, Kylie, Colour pop but they just weren't for me. I think I will keep it old school!

So for me 2017 really has been the start of new beginnings and good things have happened to as such regarding friendships and relationships. 

I've started getting out a bit more which is healthier and better for me. I'm just hoping this continues! Also just how cute is this satin pink lingerie from Primark though? All for just £16! 

Despite the collection not even being released yet I am just so incredibly excited for the new Too faced products which are being released in mid-March! (9th March to be precise).

I absolutely adore Too Faced and almost fell over when I saw the beautiful new palette on display there. I am definitely setting my alarm the morning its released! 

I hope everyone else reading has had a great month too!