Top Six Spring Scents You Should Be Investing In!

"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, 
the human soul is apt to revive also." - Harriet Ann Jacobs

Since spring is here this calls for that perfect perfume fitting for such a beautiful season. Honestly though, Spring is my absolute favourite season although Autumn is my second and more so because both seasons are not too cold or hot.

The fashion scene for each are always so light, vibrant and colourful where you can comfortable without needing to sweat off all your make up or you come home in from the freezing cold shivering. 

But yes, Spring has to be my favourite. Baby animals, the arrival of budding plants, cool yet mellow winds and lighter mornings. It cheers me up when it arrives each and every year. 

For those reading maybe these scents I am about to list may not be up to your taste but I just wanted to share what I currently love right now. 

1. Philosophy - Fresh Cream

2. Miss Dior - Eau De Toilette 

3. Chloe - Love Chloe

4. Valentino - Donna

5. Valentino - Valentina

6. Chloe - Ea De Parfum 

Philosophy - Fresh Cream

This scent is a aromatic fragrance for both men and women. Fresh Cream features whipped cream, light floral notes with a hint of powdery notes including some very sweet milky ones too. Its such a gentle scent, it isn't very overpowering and perfect for everyday use. 

Miss Dior - Eau De Toilette 

I find this scent particularly strong with hints of jasmine, orange and blossoms combined within it. It's quite fruity but this is a pleasant scent  followed with pralines and vanilla. 

Chloe - Love Chloe

Yet again another delicate scent which is an extremely feminine and sophisticated floral composition, holding powdery and soft notes. Its a lovely perfume and one of my favourites!

Valentino - Donna

Now this is probably my favourite perfume simply because I swear this one has a combination of cream and roses. I always find it reminds me of tasty milky lattes because its creamy scent. Patchouli, leather and vanilla are also included. I love everything about this perfume, it's brilliant for day or night. The overall design and packaging are gorgeous. It's so perfect.

Valentino - Valentina

Apparently this perfume was inspired by Rome and Italian flavours,  developed in collaboration with Puig and perfumers Alberto Morillas and Oliver Cresp.

It was designed as a fresh floral yet fruity and slightly oriental fragrance but also simultaneously delicate and strong, elegant, sensual, rebellious and fun. It's a beautiful perfume and would be a lovely gift. But also worth investing for yourself alone.

Chloe - Ea De Parfum 

I always get told this is favourite by most women, this fragrance just has that vibe about it. It's packaged in a beautiful bottle, it's simple and reminds you of the grand Parisian dreamscape lifestyle. Ballet shoes, silky pink ribbons and slinky satin slips is all I can ever think about when I see or put on this perfume.

As a scent it is a light and fresh yet extremely strong and self-possessed scent, it captures the creative, confident individuality of a true woman with an utterly innate sense of chic and natural sexiness. Another favourite scent and I would recommend this one to everyone.

What are your favourite perfumes this season? Are they any of the above? Please share! 


My Recent Little Pretty Pink Purchases

Now recently I've been a bit obsessed with the colour pink. I'm all for girly bits and bobs but I usually tend to learn more to white however I've just gone all out buying: pink this, pink that and more pink pink pink! I love it though! It's fun being really girly again.

I don't think I'm built for the really chic casual minimalist look anyway as I've always adored pretty thrills, floral prints and cute patterns. So I've just decided I may as well live up to that. 

Since I've been on a bit of a spending spree I'll show you all what I've been splashing out on...

I first laid eyes on this gorgeous Kate Spade bag right after Christmas and I was just head over heels in love with it. It's so perfect! It's adorable, all cute and the right size. It isn't too small or too big either which is ideal for me.

There is nothing worse than huge bags because I find them a chore to cart around with me and small ones just never let you fit anything in them. At least with this I can put my notebooks in for lectures and lunch inside. 

It was a wee bit expensive but how could I resist? That scallop design and it's charm allured me. It was worth the money though because I use it more than any of my other bags actually. I can say that this is the last time I buy a bag in a long while though! 

I found this gorgeous pink ruffled duvet over at Argos in the sale for just under a tenner! I adore it so much! Its absolutely perfect.

I've been after a nice duvet that isn't white for a while now but I wanted to keep the theme of my room still girly and bright without any overbearing patterns or a colour too bold. This is perfect and I love waking up feeling like I'm in a Parisian movie! 

I saw these gorgeous loafers on another girl's Instagram, I couldn't find where they were from but all I thought was "Those are super pretty!" and then I spotted them in New Look when I went in. 

These are going to be lovely on for when the weather perks up a bit in Spring! It's still a bit too cold to wear them at the moment. Still... it gives me something to look forward too! 

I've invested in a few new stationary pieces too recently because now in my second semester I need that extra bit of organisation to help me keep in line.

Also how pretty are these cherry envelopes? I write to my friend over in Japan every now and again, I thought these would be a lovely surprise for her. 

Oh! I spotted this gorgeous "To do list" notepad in Home Bargains for just £1 and what a bargain indeed. 

I really love this floral initial decoration too! I saw another blogger use one in their photos and I just had to ask where she got it from. I got it from this gorgeous Etsy store, the seller has so many beautiful decorations and pieces to offer so I think you should have a nosey! 

Now no one is really too old for Disney right? Nah! Not in my book anyway. 

I've been eyeing these bloody cute Tsum Tsums up every time I've gone into the Disney store for a look at their mugs either for myself or birthday presents.

But I always think "Aww but I'm too old for toys now..." no I've decided I just don't care. 

So I stormed in there, grabbed this adorable Marie Tsum off the shelf and went to pay. It's a bit embarrassing when the staff give you big smiles and ask "Oh is this for you or is it a present?" because I feel like a big kid but its then I realise that I actually am I big kid! 

It's best to just be honest really.  Now I have her and I'm so glad! 

I'm always looking at candles, it doesn't matter what brand they are because that doesn't really bother me but Primark have gotten in so many pretty candles over the past few months and I'm surprised really. Primark are certainly upping their game when it comes to on trend pieces especially their homeware items. 

I'm loving it though! I can recall a time when Primark was still fairly new and they had nothing like this. It's very essential to bloggers too because their pieces can be used as ideal props which are all cheap and cheerful.  

This candle I purchased "Golden Ashwood' is very lovely, I love the pot it came in and smells gorgeous. It was only £3.50 too! The scent is a bit of a let down when its burning though because it isn't very strong, I will be honest and say its fairly weak. You get what you pay for though so I can't complain. At least I can use the pot as a pen holder I guess? 

So what are the most interesting purchases you've recently bought? 


What Are My Valentines Day Favourites?

It's just a couple of days until Valentines day! 

Baby pink roses, delicious strawberry truffles and a nice hot big bubble bath are what I love about the day. Just spoiling either someone rotten or myself (ha ha!).

Now I know not everyone is that fond of it but I tend to like it whether I am single or not. I think it's a lovely way to show someone you cherish them and for that special day I have put together a little haul of items which I thought would make some lovely gifts. 

They're all very cheap and cheerful!

1. Dreamy Sleeping Mask - Missguided 

2. Roses Candle - Diptyque 

3. Valentina Perfume - Valentino 

4. Lipstick "Valentine" - Charlotte Tilbury

5. Cute Heart Tea Candles - Primark

6. Gold Heart Crystal Bracelet - James Warren 

7. Pink Champagne Truffles - Charbonnel Et Walker

8. Red Velvet Heart Cupcakes - Aldi

What are your favourite things for Valentines day? 


Gorgeous Beauty Products I'm Craving This Month!

What do you think of my February beauty wish list picks? There are so many gorgeous things I'm currently lusting and desperately desiring for this month! Since we are now technically entering spring all the gorgeous pastel packaging is starting to make an appearance, new collections here and there plus I'm just so happy its getting lighter outside too! 

I've been dying for winter to end in order to take decent quality pictures without needing the bedroom light on, it's so annoying having to do that. I'm glad and I love this season! It's so beautiful and fresh. 

1. Lancome La Rose Highlighter
2. Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin Pack
3. YSL Volute Tint-In-Balm 
4. The White Company Candle "Spring"
5. Philosophy's Living Grace Body & Hair Oil
6. Becca's Rose Gold Highlighter 
7. Oh K! Cute Nail Files 
8. Clarin's Multi Active Jour Cream
9. Terry Lipgloss in "Honeymoon Kiss"
10. Nars Smooth & Protect Primer
11. Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Look Palette To Go

I just wanted to share some of my favourite beauty cravings with you all and perhaps if any of you have at all favourite products coming out? 

If they are any from the list above or if you have a certain product you really love then please tell me! 


January Through My Phone! Photo Diary

Well January certainly went fast didn't it? 

I hope everyone has had a lovely first month of the new year and has managed to set themselves on a good path. So far mine has been quite a slow start since my course started right at the end of January therefore it's taking me a little while to get back into the swing of things. But I am enjoying it and I have made a start on my workload for this semester. 

I have made myself go on a bit of diet since it's very much needed because my diet just after Christmas has been absolutely terrible. I want to get healthier and I'm doing this for myself. Not anybody else and I think it's important to build up that self love. Not just me but that goes for everyone else too!

I know people tend to go on about loving yourself on the internet these days, I see it all the time and it becomes a bit repetitive but to be fair I can see why. It doesn't matter if you are losing weight, getting toned up more or even gaining weight simply because your own happiness being content with yourself should come first before what others make of it. Sometimes you just have to follow your own path I suppose. 

Also I'm starting to now make plans for the summer too and I am hoping to save up for a trip to Tokyo this September. I've always wanted to go! It's going to be such a huge experience, I can hardly wait. But first I've got to concentrate on what is happening right now... work first and play later right

1. So despite trying to get myself back on track this month I have tried creating a plan that will help me stress less with university work this semester. I just seem to panic so much due to deadlines and worrying if my work is the best it can possibly be. 

This semester is a tough one too as a lot of attention to detail and time needs to be put into it. I've set myself little targets to work towards weekly and I am trying to make myself take time out so it doesn't become too much. It can be really difficult sometimes, I just get worked up and emotional when stress gets to me which isn't good or healthy mentally at all. 

2. Oh! A around two weeks ago I went to Harry Potter studios for the weekend and we were so lucky because it was still during the Christmas season so the Christmas trees were still up too. What was even more amazing was Hogwarts castle, it's absolutely ginormous and its even got its very own room. The castle is like a giant dolls house and I was so glad we came in the Christmas season time to see it with the snow! I think it made the castle even more magical! 

The whole studio tour overall was amazing I was in awe the whole day and getting to walk through the doors of hogwarts into the great hall as an experience I will never forget. I got to see Hogwarts express, I learned about all the tricks and special effects was incredibly interesting. 

I was so shocked by just how many things were actually really non-existent and seeing all the uniforms of each pupil including the wands... I don't even have the words to express just how brilliant it was. I would definitely go back if given the chance! If you ever get the chance to go you need to take up that offer!

3. While doing the tour around the Harry Potter studios the next day we went into London and it has been such a long time since I have been to London actually. I've been a few times when I was younger but now that I am older I think I appreciate it a lot more. The sights, the big beautiful stores and places. It's such a big place though... I don't think I could ever really get used to it to be honest. It's fun for visiting though!

4. Recently I've been having a bit of a sort out with my wardrobe and my style is changing from casual to a very sickly sweet girly style. As a Christmas treat I was given this beautiful Kate Spade handbag! Isn't it gorgeous? It's my pride and joy right now. I absolutely adore it! 

Have any of you made any big changes over January too? Have you all had a good month? Been anywhere new? Please share and let me know!