Love Too Faced? Check Out The New Natural Love Palette!

I am so incredibly excited to share the new "Natural Love' palette by Too Faced with you all! I was lovestruck when I first even saw a glimpse of this one over on Twitter let alone properly on the official website. It's not just beautiful but wonderful, gorgeous and extremely perfect. Especially for this season!

The colour scheme is a dream as the palette contains an overall amount of thirty eyeshadows in various neutral shades, pretty pinks and delicious darker shaders thrown in there.  There is many mattes and shimmers which I think is lovely mixture. 

As for the palette it is fairly large, cardboard and does include around several shades from previous neutral eyeshadow collections Too Faced has released but there is "new" shades included too. 

I think it is a fairly decent palette so far having using it for a handful of weeks now. I would say the palette is average at best but the brand have been slightly disappointing with their larger palette releases as of late. 

Mostly because of the formula Too Faced uses which is fairly weak in my opinion. Although it has always been thin, slightly powdery. But they are probably best used over primers for coverage and longevity I would say. 

So I would keep that in mind if you are after purchasing this palette. You mean need to pack on quite a fair bit in terms of really getting the full look you desire. Either way though I still like this palette because the shades are ideal for the everyday run, neutral and simple. 

My selected favourites are probably Heaven with a dash of Honey pot my eye lid just overlapping Heaven which is a matte shade. I add Heaven just under my brow otherwise if I apply Honey pot, instead it being a shimmer shade would only cause unwanted creases. 

I love these two paired together! They're literally just perfect for me - ideal for caramel skin if you are wondering what shades would be ideal and you're the same complexion as me. 

Also I really like to add Fairy Tale instead of Honey Pot sometimes but mostly I stick to Honey Pot as it shows up a lot more whereas Fairy Tale, being as beautiful as it is I find it is a lot weaker. So I need something heavier most of the time and I love my shade to pop on my eyes! 

Starting from the top:
  • Heaven 
  • Lace Teddy
  • Pink Cheeks
  • Poodle
  • Spotlight

  • Fairy Tale 
  • Satin Sheets
  • Kittens
  • Cutie Patootie
  • Honey Butter

  • Nudie 
  • Push up
  • Bunny Nose
  • Dear Diary
  • Honeymoon

  • Tickle Me 
  • Money Pot
  • Moonbeam
  • Coffee Date 
  • Hot & Bothered

  • Don't Settle
  • Chocolate Martini
  • Love Bug
  • Spoiled
  • Makeup & Chill

  • Fingers crossed
  • Undercover
  • Smokin
  • Night fever
  • Stiletto

The Natural Love Too Faced palette is available on the official Too Faced website here lovelies and also if you're based within the UK you can easily pick it up from Debenhams or Selfridges

So far I am really enjoying this palette though! Despite the small flaws it may contain I do still use it and will continue to be using it. 

If any of you have purchased the Too Faced Natural Love palette or are thinking about buying it then please tell me your thoughts! 

*Also just a quick note - I have noticed there is many versions of this palette on Ebay going for a cheaper price but those are mostly dupes. I would stay clear of them as they have been manufactured using all sorts of chemicals which aren't safe and could affect you resorting all kinds of terrible eye infections. It is better to be safe than sorry. 


May Through My Phone! Photo Diary

So May has been fairly stressful for me actually... basically I have been struggling getting all of my university projects completed. Making sure everything is up to scratch, presented to the best of my abilities and loosing sleep with my essays. 

I have never been a fan of writing essays - even in high school I hated it. Luckily I seemed to somehow pass everything. I am just hoping I pass this semester as smoothly as I did the first. It can be all so difficult sometimes, university isn't as easy as people like to make out it is. 

Either way though I tried my best. This past month however has had some fairly good highlights! 

Such as I was sent this gorgeous mug (and it came with sweeties mm!) by the lovely JillyJilly How cute is this?! I fell in love with this gift immediately. It is from the new collection in celebration of JillyJilly's third birthday!

I think it's amazing, all the dedication and care gone into her products is beyond believable. They're brilliant quality and I can't get enough of JillyJilly's products. 

Even her new packaging is so sweet too! I love the little polka dots and bow there for that delicate touch too! 

This lovely gift certainly did cheer me up! 

Oh and I signed up to Glossybox as well! I have always wanted to sign up to one of these subscription boxes as I have seen others do so on Instagram and blogs. 

I was stuck between either Glossbox or Treatbox but I opted for Glossybox since I prefer cosmetics rather than what Treatbox had to offer. They're both lovely with cute things to offer! 

I am happy with my order from Glossbox but however after actually receiving my items I am slightly unsure if this is something I could continue in the future. It's practically anonymous items within each box you receive monthly and I am going to be honest by saying that I do not like all of the items. 

Some I liked but others not so much due to them either leaving me with break outs such as the cleansing milk which was included in the May edition or the eyeshadow being a reddish colour. 

So I think Glossybox is a hit and miss really but I guess that goes for all of these subscription boxes at the end of the day. 

Random but I am loving these pretty pink fluffy cushions from Matalan! How adorable are these?! I have been after pink pillows for a while now and seeing these online I just threw them right into the shopping cart.

Most of the time I buy my cushions from places such as B&M and Primark, but they haven't had any pink cushions that I really liked in store at the moment... I'm extremely pleased with these pickings though!

How amazing has the weather been recently though?! This fabulous heat calls for a delicious bottle of Fentimans Rose Lemonade! Not too much since I am trying to get back in shape... my diet has improved since finishing university for the summer. Back to the gym this week! 

But I really am hoping to get away soon though, it has been years since my last holiday now and I would be totally happy with going somewhere like Cornwall even! It doesn't have to be abroad. But everywhere costs money... it's such a pain! 

As I am writing this I am literally looking at flights to Tokyo in November (praying I can get one!) and freaking out whether I should just book it... reckon I should? 


A Mini Spring Treats & Beauty Haul!

Despite the beautiful cherry blossoms outside my house have all blown away until another year of seeing it bloom once more I can't say that spring is far from over yet. 

I have been fairly busy recently! While juggling around my daily life of the university struggles with coursework, trying to maintain a social life and even find the time for Instagrammable (Is that a word now?!) photos I have not forgotten my blog. Infact I wish I could constantly blog every single day like most do but unfortunately at the moment life just gets in the way. 

However over the last couple of weeks I have picked up a few adorable little pretties here which are my absolute favourites! 

I mean who can resist cute things?  

Around a month ago I picked up the new Garnier Skin activity hydrate and soothe day cream with rose water. However I did buy it more or less on a whim simply because I was desperate for face cream really, I found after I bought this that Garnier had released other new rose water skin products too and I immediately went back for more after trying the cream out. 

So far I find that this cream has been doing me wonders especially as I have changed my skin routine up a lot. My skin is naturally more oily and this product isn't too heavy luckily enough so I find just a thin layer does the job. It's been helping me aim for clearer skin and this cream smells amazing! I love popping it on at the end of the day once my make up has all come off. It's like a bit of a treat!

For just £2.95 it's a bargain that cannot go unmissed. 

Then there is this cute little kitty trinket dish from Oliver Bonas! I always need somewhere to stash my jewellery since it's all over the place these days. 

So I thought this dish would be great to pop just near my computer where I usually take off my earrings or rings at the end of the day. That way I can't complain they go missing! 

Now I have been eyeing up the new Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer for ages and ages now until finally caving in. So far I am not disappointed at all because I do find that it is a fairly decent primer.

Truthfully, I've been using it here and there sparingly to get the right amount for that luminous effect it holds. Really though a small amount is all you need for any primer really, applying this product is easy and it's very smooth leaving you with baby soft skin which I adore. 

I have tried this product after giving my skin a good cleanse and moisturise where I did not use any foundation and my complexion was amazing. Plus how gorgeous is the substance? It's all gold and pretty with glitter! The packaging is beautiful as well. I would recommend anyone to try this particular primer if you are still searching for that 'right one'. 

Also I jumped on the Chloe Eau Sensuelle Eau De Parfum bandwagon since I kept seeing this perfume all over the place and I wanted to try it too! I have the first edition of Love Story and that is such a beautiful scent so I expected to be impressed by this fragrance too. 

It is lovely though, I can't knock it because this edition is just a elegant and with that gorgeous hint of orange blossom thrown in its scent. 

After researching I found that this fragrance contains sunny heliotrope, with a tint of vanilla which brings sweetness to the floral orange blossom. The base is apparently sandalwood adding a milky, smooth depth. 

It is a heavy scent in my opinion, it's heavy and a very romantic one at that. It stays on for hours I find and I've been complemented many a time. So I say treat yourself! 

I did also end up caving in and purchased these adorable bunny flats from ASOS

They're stunning and lovely to wear with a cute mesh top! I've only worn them once though up to now because I don't want to ruin them. They have this precious glittery pattern on the material and even little fluffy pom-poms for their tail! Super cute! 

What are your current favourites right now? Have you been treating yourself too? If so, please share! 


Spring Cleaning & Little Bedroom Details!

I just love Spring don't you?

Gosh... well I've been purchasing a lot and I mean a lot over the past couple of months. Beauty products, clothing and some cute homeware pieces!

Now used to always buy pattern and graphic bed sheets but now I strive mostly for plain. Usually with a bit of lace or thrill for that girly touch to make things interesting.

I found this gorgeous bed set in Primark for just £23! I'm so chuffed with it and adore it! They also do a set in white but I preferred the pink since I only own one pink set with the ruffles. Most my bedding is white anyway... so I thought a change would be good to brighten up my room!

Also I saw this gorgeous rose gold pot with faux flowers in Primark too for £5! How cute is it?! I couldn't leave it behind. In the basket it went!

I've had this gorgeous vanity table for a good few years now. I'm constantly rearranging pieces in my room and I was so pleased to receive these gorgeous flowers on my birthday off my mum! They're still going now (slightly wilting) on my vanity table.

The cute little cat mug is from New Look which I use partly just as decoration. I found this gorgeous big candle over at Homesense! It's rose scented and makes the room smell like a flower garden! If you pass through TXMax or Homesense I recommend you pick a jar up!

I'm loving my desk space as of late too! I'm always putting things up and taking them down... which is why this wall has so many nails and little holes! It's a never ending battle really. But I love to change my workspace a lot because I'm constantly inspired by different things! New trends, artists work I want up and Typography prints I create.

Compared to the last desk space post I made I still have a lot of rose god included in with the white furniture but I'm now including more pink. That's the scheme I love at the moment: white, rose gold and pink! I just find it very pretty and suitable to my (dare I say it!) aesthetic. 

I ended up purchasing this adorable white wire basket for all my Japanese magazines because I have so many and I regret not getting a bigger one to be fair... I will be probably ordering more and more over time. Luckily there is enough space on the top of my wardrobe to hoard them all (haha). 

My chair can't be seen due to the throw... but it's a plain black one since the last chair collapsed on me. Literally. So now I am in dire need of a pretty new desk chair but I'm still deciding whether to opt for a swirly white one or a clear plastic chair... decisions, decisions! 

I haven't bought that much make up as I have clothes and homeware items really. However I have invested in this gorgeous baked blush by Milani in "Berry Amore" and it's by far my favourite blush at the moment!

It's so pretty...

But however, I do own a couple of other Milani blushers which are the flower ones but I find they don't suit my tone very well. This one meshes with my complexion far better and it's not too heavy either. Good pigment and I couldn't be happier!

Just a couple of clothes I purchased last month and I really adore this pretty embroidered lilac sweater from New Look! I barely own anything purple or lilac but I thought I would give this piece a go and I love wearing it! It's just lovely for this season - I adore embroidery so much at the minute! It's absolutely everywhere isn't it?!

Also this pretty lace bob top which is also from new Look and it is a little bit sheer though. But I still love it! It will do more for summer I imagine.

The collar sweater is from H&M and it's very cute on! I love tops like this with the little embedded collars (it just saves time actually throwing a shirt on underneath and you end up looking smart still! Lazy or what haha?).

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Also what are your current spring favourites?


Patisserie De Bain Have Done It Again! Featuring The Cutest Creams!

Patisserie De Bain have gone and done it again! 

They've gone all out and created more wonderful delicious scented products. They were even kind enough to send me some of these lovely hand creams to try and I am very grateful for being given the opportunity. 

Also I squealed at the packaging! Just how cute is that?! Patisserie De Bain always wrap products up so beautifully with thought. It was too cute to open but sadly I had to... not that it was particularly a bad thing either! 

These hand creams are so adorable and small! Perfect for your coat pocket which is very ideal for myself who suffers from very rough skin on the hands. So I can just pop one of these out and away I go!

But the scents make me almost hungry, they're so nice and it's sweet how they are all named after deserts too which all fits into the brand name perfectly. 

All are 50ml for £3.99 each and the brand goes the extra mile by donating 50p for the Rays of Sunshine initiative! How wonderful is that?! This company has such lovely intentions and that makes me so pleased to be involved. 

They're all extremely moisturising, smell amazing like each actual desert and well worth the money. So I suggest grabbing one of these!

My favourite is Rhubarb & Custard (not just because it one of my favourites to eat) but it smells the absolute best! Second is probably no doubt the Raspberry Roulade! The Blackcurrant & Apricot Coulis is a bit too strong for me but it's still lovely. 

If you have tried the products so far then please let me know which one is your favourite! 


My March Photo Diary! 2017

Gosh... it feels like ages since I've uploaded a blog post! I've been a tad bit busy recently with university and just general other things. But I will start posting again regularly soon since the Easter holidays are emerging and I have about three weeks left until I finish my second year for summer! Finally...

Well this year it was a bit funny since my birthday once again landed on Mothers day. It's happened before! When I was little and about twelve! It's quite nice since the weather was lovely, I got my mum a fair bit such as perfume, chocolate, flowers and wine.

Also my grandmother since I live with her and she's my world really! My birthday was a chilled day, I drank a fair amount and stocked up on delicious strawberry cheesecake! I can't believe I'm slowly drifting into my mid-twenties now... it feels so strange! I don't dislike it though because it's all a part of life at the end of the day and it's interesting to see what the future will bring.

I received some gorgeous presents too! I absolutely love these pretty little pearl bow Pandora earrings! I did already have a pair before but I lost them at the gym... this time I am probably going to protect them with my life now haha! I'm so grateful to have a lovely family though. Honestly...

My top make up brands I'm loving right now are Charlotte Tilbury and Too Faced! I've been buying more and more products from Charlotte Tilbury recently because not just the pretty golden packaging it all goes in but the quality is always up to high expectations, its long lasting and does the job well.

I've recently bought the lipstick "Pillow Talk" from the range along with the other "Valentine" and both are so beautiful!

They're in such lovely pink shades all perfect for this season and fit like a dream. Are any of you reading a big Charlotte Tilbury fan too? If not then I urge you to try at least one item!

I also caved in and purchased one of Too Faced's new highlighters as well! This one is called "Ray of light" and it's a rose gold colour. It's a beautiful shade, its very light though and subtle. I am going to do a full on review about it and that includes the new palette "Natural Love" too! It's all so exciting! I can't wait to share my thoughts with you all about them.

I can't stop buying clothes... I'm addicted! Spring honestly along with Autumn has the best fashion. Everything is all ruffles, lace and nudes. There is a lot of gingham this season too which I absolutely adore! Ive always been a big fan and of ruffles!

It just makes everything that extra bit girly in an outfit! I'm not a lover of the minimalist style to be honest. I like it but it isn't for me. I just need to have cute clothes! I'm a sucker for them. 

I've invested in the book "The Curated Closet" and decided to give that a try. I'm still reading it at the moment and it's quite a good read. It's interesting if you are into organising and even just simple silly tips which can help you lead a tidier/neater lifestyle. I just thought I would give it a shot since I have heard quite a bit about it!

I love this gorgeous bra so much! It's from Primark for just £8 and still in stores at the moment. How cute are these adorable Marie slippers?! Again from Primark for £4! I might buy another pair of them because I go through slippers like no tomorrow... that way I will always have a spare at the back of my drawer!

Asda are doing this gorgeous brand called "Let them eat, Cake" and they have so many flavours! I've had some of the others but this one "White Chocolate Macaroon" is the one. It's heavenly! For just £3 though? Bargain!

Also just before Mothers day (My birthday ha!) I picked up some Florentyna perfume for my mother since she adores it. Plus the brand have started doing this gorgeous body powder too! I got myself and her one too! It's so nice to pop on after a nice shower or bath. I've been using it quite a bit! But mostly... I just got it because well... it's so cute! Ha ha!

How has your month been? Have you picked up any cute new purchases or been anywhere interesting? Please share!


Lets Get Lippy! My Thoughts On The New YSL Volupté Tint-in-Balms

Okay so I probably found out about YSL releasing these gorgeous Tint-in-balms mostly from over in Japan as I tend to follow a bunch of Japanese models and bloggers already but when I saw that these were all a trend over there I was quite jealous! I will say. 

These balms originally released internationally last month in February but however only on the Selfridges website and they were sold out immediately. I was absolutely torn but luckily I was able to snag one of them off of an Ebay seller, brand new in the colour I wanted which is "Try Me Berry" in #12 and it's a lovely deep girly pink.

Other shades I really want to try are "Seduce Me Pink" #10 and "Tease Me Pink" #2 however I do worry that those could be a bit too sheer for my lips since they are a lot lighter compared to this shade. 

I do know for sure that this month these will be available again in Selfridges and hopefully other beauty department stores around the U.K. It is a crime to not even have these available properly yet! These balms are just so adorable. 

I have already looked into other reviews from various bloggers who were able to get a hold of them and found that they've been a delight. 

Although just as I mentioned some of the shades may appear to be a bit too opaque and you may not see much of a different.

These are more or less just solid lip glosses in my opinion. I would not say these are anything special but I suppose we all have a preference, I chose to buy one of these balms due to their appearance and the overall hype made over them really. That's just me being completely honest and I am glad I bought one! 

Also these lovely lip balms have a brilliant intensity and a long lasting amount of lip tint along with following Volupte Tint-in-Oil prior also combining with the famous Rouge Volute line. 

I will say that I find the new formula pleasing as it is very moisturising, quite nourishing and having looked into the ingredients I found that these balms contain macadamia oil, apricot, passion fruit, jojoba oil and a hint of pomegranate extract thrown in there. All these wonderful properties are incredible for embracing the delicacy of your lips and showering them with care. 

I will say having worn this balm a few times now that I have a good burst of colour on my lips which isn't too harsh and I love how supple my lips look with this product on. The scent for "Try Me Berry" is incredibly enticing! It's hard not to want to just lick it off when the formula smells like a mixture of raspberries, strawberries and watermelons! 

From this new collection there are 12 shades in total, all split in 3 categories where you can pick your most desired colour and finish. 

Me But Flirtier are sheer and glow shades with a bit more shimmer:
  • N°3 Call Me Rose
  • N°1 Cream Me Nude
  • N°2 Tease Me Pink
  • N°7 Flirt Me Coral 
Me But Sexier feature all the brighter and bolder shades:
  • N°8 Catch Me Orange
  • N°9 Tempt Me Pink
  • N°10 Seduce Me Pink
  • N°11 Play Me Fuchsia
Me But Hotter are for those who want delicious sexy intense shades on their puckers:
  • N°4 Desire Me Pink
  • N°12 Try Me Berry
  • N°6 Touch Me Red
  • N°5 Dare Me Plum

What are your thoughts on these sweet lip balms so far then? Reckon they're a hit or miss? They're a definite must have on my list!


February Through My Phone 2017!

As for February I can say quite a fair few things happened despite the usual rounds of university classes, my part time job, you know the absolute boring parts of my life I would father talk about the more interesting things and I want to share them with you! 

So was sent some gorgeous treats from my friend over in Japan! These are chocolates believe it or not but in Japan its normal for female friends to share chocolate and gifts which each other. 

The girls usually give gifts to the men but do not receive any until White day which is in March. So it's two separate Valentines days technically! I was happy to get these from her, they are so gorgeous and tasted delicious! I feel so lucky to have her as a friend sometimes. 

I'm just glad that it's finally Spring now! Lighter mornings, longer evenings, cooler air with a tint of warmth and all the gorgeous collections from various brands are being released now. 

Plus I recently purchased the new "Cherry Blossom" Yankee Candle which smells absolutely divine! I haven't burnt it yet though... it's too nice! 

I've been experimenting with different brands of make up again and I have always been fairly curious about these Dior lip glosses. 

So I got one to try off of Ebay as a whim really and I'm surprised just by how much I like this? It's got tiny speckles of glitter inside but it's very sweet! I miss lipgloss,  it isn't really a big thing anymore these days but I still appreciate a bit of shine on my lips every now and again! 

I think I prefer lipgloss a lot more over matte liquid lipsticks though... I really cannot get into trend at all. I did try to be open minded and I tried many liquid lipsticks from other brands such as NYX, Kylie, Colour pop but they just weren't for me. I think I will keep it old school!

So for me 2017 really has been the start of new beginnings and good things have happened to as such regarding friendships and relationships. 

I've started getting out a bit more which is healthier and better for me. I'm just hoping this continues! Also just how cute is this satin pink lingerie from Primark though? All for just £16! 

Despite the collection not even being released yet I am just so incredibly excited for the new Too faced products which are being released in mid-March! (9th March to be precise).

I absolutely adore Too Faced and almost fell over when I saw the beautiful new palette on display there. I am definitely setting my alarm the morning its released! 

I hope everyone else reading has had a great month too! 


Top Six Spring Scents You Should Be Investing In!

"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, 
the human soul is apt to revive also." - Harriet Ann Jacobs

Since spring is here this calls for that perfect perfume fitting for such a beautiful season. Honestly though, Spring is my absolute favourite season although Autumn is my second and more so because both seasons are not too cold or hot.

The fashion scene for each are always so light, vibrant and colourful where you can comfortable without needing to sweat off all your make up or you come home in from the freezing cold shivering. 

But yes, Spring has to be my favourite. Baby animals, the arrival of budding plants, cool yet mellow winds and lighter mornings. It cheers me up when it arrives each and every year. 

For those reading maybe these scents I am about to list may not be up to your taste but I just wanted to share what I currently love right now. 

1. Philosophy - Fresh Cream

2. Miss Dior - Eau De Toilette 

3. Chloe - Love Chloe

4. Valentino - Donna

5. Valentino - Valentina

6. Chloe - Ea De Parfum 

Philosophy - Fresh Cream

This scent is a aromatic fragrance for both men and women. Fresh Cream features whipped cream, light floral notes with a hint of powdery notes including some very sweet milky ones too. Its such a gentle scent, it isn't very overpowering and perfect for everyday use. 

Miss Dior - Eau De Toilette 

I find this scent particularly strong with hints of jasmine, orange and blossoms combined within it. It's quite fruity but this is a pleasant scent  followed with pralines and vanilla. 

Chloe - Love Chloe

Yet again another delicate scent which is an extremely feminine and sophisticated floral composition, holding powdery and soft notes. Its a lovely perfume and one of my favourites!

Valentino - Donna

Now this is probably my favourite perfume simply because I swear this one has a combination of cream and roses. I always find it reminds me of tasty milky lattes because its creamy scent. Patchouli, leather and vanilla are also included. I love everything about this perfume, it's brilliant for day or night. The overall design and packaging are gorgeous. It's so perfect.

Valentino - Valentina

Apparently this perfume was inspired by Rome and Italian flavours,  developed in collaboration with Puig and perfumers Alberto Morillas and Oliver Cresp.

It was designed as a fresh floral yet fruity and slightly oriental fragrance but also simultaneously delicate and strong, elegant, sensual, rebellious and fun. It's a beautiful perfume and would be a lovely gift. But also worth investing for yourself alone.

Chloe - Ea De Parfum 

I always get told this is favourite by most women, this fragrance just has that vibe about it. It's packaged in a beautiful bottle, it's simple and reminds you of the grand Parisian dreamscape lifestyle. Ballet shoes, silky pink ribbons and slinky satin slips is all I can ever think about when I see or put on this perfume.

As a scent it is a light and fresh yet extremely strong and self-possessed scent, it captures the creative, confident individuality of a true woman with an utterly innate sense of chic and natural sexiness. Another favourite scent and I would recommend this one to everyone.

What are your favourite perfumes this season? Are they any of the above? Please share! 


My Recent Little Pretty Pink Purchases

Now recently I've been a bit obsessed with the colour pink. I'm all for girly bits and bobs but I usually tend to learn more to white however I've just gone all out buying: pink this, pink that and more pink pink pink! I love it though! It's fun being really girly again.

I don't think I'm built for the really chic casual minimalist look anyway as I've always adored pretty thrills, floral prints and cute patterns. So I've just decided I may as well live up to that. 

Since I've been on a bit of a spending spree I'll show you all what I've been splashing out on...

I first laid eyes on this gorgeous Kate Spade bag right after Christmas and I was just head over heels in love with it. It's so perfect! It's adorable, all cute and the right size. It isn't too small or too big either which is ideal for me.

There is nothing worse than huge bags because I find them a chore to cart around with me and small ones just never let you fit anything in them. At least with this I can put my notebooks in for lectures and lunch inside. 

It was a wee bit expensive but how could I resist? That scallop design and it's charm allured me. It was worth the money though because I use it more than any of my other bags actually. I can say that this is the last time I buy a bag in a long while though! 

I found this gorgeous pink ruffled duvet over at Argos in the sale for just under a tenner! I adore it so much! Its absolutely perfect.

I've been after a nice duvet that isn't white for a while now but I wanted to keep the theme of my room still girly and bright without any overbearing patterns or a colour too bold. This is perfect and I love waking up feeling like I'm in a Parisian movie! 

I saw these gorgeous loafers on another girl's Instagram, I couldn't find where they were from but all I thought was "Those are super pretty!" and then I spotted them in New Look when I went in. 

These are going to be lovely on for when the weather perks up a bit in Spring! It's still a bit too cold to wear them at the moment. Still... it gives me something to look forward too! 

I've invested in a few new stationary pieces too recently because now in my second semester I need that extra bit of organisation to help me keep in line.

Also how pretty are these cherry envelopes? I write to my friend over in Japan every now and again, I thought these would be a lovely surprise for her. 

Oh! I spotted this gorgeous "To do list" notepad in Home Bargains for just £1 and what a bargain indeed. 

I really love this floral initial decoration too! I saw another blogger use one in their photos and I just had to ask where she got it from. I got it from this gorgeous Etsy store, the seller has so many beautiful decorations and pieces to offer so I think you should have a nosey! 

Now no one is really too old for Disney right? Nah! Not in my book anyway. 

I've been eyeing these bloody cute Tsum Tsums up every time I've gone into the Disney store for a look at their mugs either for myself or birthday presents.

But I always think "Aww but I'm too old for toys now..." no I've decided I just don't care. 

So I stormed in there, grabbed this adorable Marie Tsum off the shelf and went to pay. It's a bit embarrassing when the staff give you big smiles and ask "Oh is this for you or is it a present?" because I feel like a big kid but its then I realise that I actually am I big kid! 

It's best to just be honest really.  Now I have her and I'm so glad! 

I'm always looking at candles, it doesn't matter what brand they are because that doesn't really bother me but Primark have gotten in so many pretty candles over the past few months and I'm surprised really. Primark are certainly upping their game when it comes to on trend pieces especially their homeware items. 

I'm loving it though! I can recall a time when Primark was still fairly new and they had nothing like this. It's very essential to bloggers too because their pieces can be used as ideal props which are all cheap and cheerful.  

This candle I purchased "Golden Ashwood' is very lovely, I love the pot it came in and smells gorgeous. It was only £3.50 too! The scent is a bit of a let down when its burning though because it isn't very strong, I will be honest and say its fairly weak. You get what you pay for though so I can't complain. At least I can use the pot as a pen holder I guess? 

So what are the most interesting purchases you've recently bought?