What I Got For Christmas! 2016

Ah so Christmas has finally gone. 

Well it's still the holidays and we have New Year to arrive yet so technically it is still the holidays! I hope everyone reading has had a lovely Christmas. My Christmas day was just quiet really with a few family visitors,  a good turkey dinner with some cheesecake pudding and finished off with nice glasses of baileys while catching up with the Christmas soaps on the telly. 

I'm just glad to see more of my family as we are so busy there isn't always time during the year. So it's lovely to see who's around the tree and it isn't always about presents. However it's always lovely and be grateful to receive gifts! 

As I have grown up presents lessen but I don't mind anymore. I actually enjoy Christmas more for the time off and being able to relax. I do know not everyone is into these "What I got for Christmas" posts from what I have seen but this is my first one and I just thought it would be nice to share with others!

I do enjoy having a good nosey at what other people have received too whether its on Instagram, blogs or Youtube. It's just a bit of fun really! 

I do love Philosophy and only because of my Auntie who is like a little miniature blonde Audrey Hepburn who loves to keep everything prim, pretty and graceful. Growing up I tended to look at the things she used to buy and wish to be more like her. She's gorgeous and she uses this particular brand which lead to me getting into Philosophy's products too. 

I have had perfume from them before which was this one Amazing Grace and Pure Grace. They do other ones such as Fresh Cream, Just Grace and Living Grace too. The scents are so beautiful and fresh plus they're very long lasting too. I would say Philosophy perfumes are quite inexpensive, they're truly worth the money. I always feel really sophisticated and lovely when I wear the scents. 

I remember seeing this one, Amazing Grace in this beautiful ballerina packaging just before Christmas and I asked my mother for it as a gift since she didn't know what to really buy me. I love it! How pretty is the packaging? The bottle is my own little sugar plum fairy! Usually Amazing Grace comes in a very minimalist pale pink box filled with simply just text. But I am happy to finally see an edition with some illustration on at least! 

I'll probably keep this forever. It's too nice to use! 

Also I did receive some Pink Champagne truffles by Charbonnel & Walker. They're so delicious! They come in this light pink powder too, they're really thick and creamy mmm! 

Debenhams have recently got in this new line called "Pretty Little Thing" which is amazing for blogger tier items and they have some beautiful home decor. Everything is really affordable too and well worth investing in if you are starting out blogging, if you need those props or just want a cute little home. 

But I asked for this gorgeous trinket holder with "Enjoy the little things" on it because I usually use a jewellery box. 

However it's just too bulky and I don't buy that much jewellery anymore. I only ever really use certain pairs of earrings, bracelets and I thought it would be nice to have this piece for my little treasures! It's easier than rambling my way through a three tier jewellery box and smaller too. 

These have been out quite a while but I have never actually owned any designer tier nail polish? I am quite a big fan of YSL too and I decided I would like some of their nail polishes to try. 

I've been using the Rose Abstrait colour and it's lovely! The nail polish is good quality but I find it does chip fairly easily still. I think it's a hit and miss at the most. Do love it still though! 

I also got some Champneys bath products (how adorable is the bag with its little bow?!) and a gorgeous big set of teas. 

Oh I absolutely love tea! So I cannot wait to start getting these out and trying each of them. I'm usually a coffee drinker but slowly I am reverting back to my teas now so this is really ideal.

I love how it is set out like a pretty Parisian style cafe with each part in little drawers. Again really pretty illustrations on packaging. I'm loving it!

I ended up also receiving some Miffy Pyjamas and cute pink loafer slippers off my mother. Also a Miffy dressing gown off my grandmother too. I have a thing for cutesy characters like this! Hello kitty, Bambi, Miffy ect... they're all my favourites!

I was so pleased to get such pretty pjs and I'm actually desperate for some. I didn't realise just how low I was on pyjamas up until last week where I was in my wardrobe and looked around for some... without holes or stains. I practically live in my jimmies when I'm at home so everything and anything can happen! But I will try to be good to these... (I'm wearing the just as I am typing this up by the way...  just so you know...). 

I think my most favourite gift is this lovely rose gold heart bracelet from James Warren my mother got me. It's got some little swarvoski crystal on and it's so tiny! I love delicate jewellery like this and it's in rose gold! I couldn't be any happier! 

Thank you for reading and I do hope this post isn't seen is bragging or anything like that. Honestly I'm not! But I wish everyone well, I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful and that you enjoyed yourselves! 

That's what Christmas is really about: just spending the day happy and having a good time.


Love Sweets? Love Japan and Cuteness? Check Out Japan Candy Box! Review

Japan Candy Box has kindly sent me some items to review from their wonderful little store and it is here incase anyone is interested in having a look! 

How adorable is this lot though? Now I have always been on and off with certain products from Japan because my language level is probably enough for me to get by over there with the basics and midway conversation but I still have trouble understanding things. 

Luckily I was able to suss out most of the names for these products but Japan Candy Box also sent me the list so it was all made easier for me thankfully! 

So I was sent a pack of these adorable 'Kinoko No Yama' biscuits which means Mushroom Mountains  as they're in the shape of little mushrooms with a stem. Very cute! 

They don't take long to set but I left mine for over a couple of hours before going back to the and they were fun to make. I think these are mostly ideal for children but it's still a bit fun doing something childish and making your own chocolate! It makes it taste that extra bit special in my opinion.

The white chewies or "Hi-Chew" are super delicious too! I think these are great for just keeping in your handbag for on the train or walking around the shops. They come in other flavours too such as strawberry, cupcake, apple, peach ect! They're worth trying.

Now usually my friend over in Kobe sends me bits and bobs mostly sweeties from Japan so I have had the before today. Most of these products send I have tried but in various other flavours so it was interesting to new some new flavours instead for a change. Those being the sweets in match green tea by Milky, I've had those in the original milk flavour and strawberry before today. They were lovely and creamy! 

These green tea ones don't have much of a taste apart from maybe an added juicy leafy flavour and a hint of citrus in there too. They're very nice but I think I prefer them mostly in strawberry where they're sweeter!

The strawberry Koala biscuits are very tasty! But I really have to be in the mood for these on one of my sweet tooth days otherwise they come across really sickly. They're a nice little treat though, crunchy and you get quite a good amount of them inside too so they don't come packed stingy either. 

I liked the Umaibo corn snack too! It tasted like a giant big crisp but all in one big bit! Super crunchy, the flavour of the one I was sent is corn soup which you can't really taste because it does have some spiciness to it but it's nice. I have not had this Christmas edition flavour before so I was glad to be able to try it. 

Awwww.... I love the Pudding sweeties by the company "Furuta' because I have never had these before and they actually do taste like pudding! Well mostly custard. In Japan they have what is called 'Purin' which is technically custard pudding with a slight layer of caramel laid on top. I have not tried a Japanese purin before but I really want to! They look so nice and they're all wobbly like jelly too. So far these are my favourite! 

The Umai Christmas chocolate stick was as unusual like the other corn soup flavoured edition. But this one had the same crispy texture inside however the coating was chocolate instead. Great for sweet tooths! 

The Daisy Duck Tsum Tsum biscuits were delicious! I loved these. They had chocolate embedded inside as well and this hazelnut crunchy shell around it. I liked how each biscuit had the imprint of Disney characters on them too! You had Pluto, Mickey, Daisy, Donald ect... adorable! The first one I got was Bambi (One of my favourites! I squealed with joy and then gobbled him whole). 

The milk biscuits with the cute little character called Virus were also nice but a bit bland for my taste. They are only really just little milk biscuits more than anything, nothing special but still made up for being a nice snack while watching the telly or blogging. However I wouldn't buy these. Just not for me. 

The strawberry chocolate pop was tasty too! But you don't get even a mouthful of the thing! It's far too small and it is literally a bite. One bite and its gone. Again I wouldn't buy this product but I think it is more ideal for a little child rather than a grown adult.

Japan Candy Box is definitely worth visiting if  you are looking for a gift for somebody who really enjoys sweeties and chocolate or just cute things in general! You will not be disappointed from such great service and fast delivery. 

Oh! Also for a chance to win some adorable goodies Japan Candy Box are holding one of their wonderful giveaways. So pleased enter! 

If you are interested then you are able to enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading and if you have entered then good luck!


December Through My Phone!

So it's finally here! 

It's Christmas and I cannot believe just how quickly the weeks have flown by at this point. Honestly I could have sworn it was August and then September where I was starting up my second year of university. It's crazy isn't it?

I reflect on my life a lot when it comes to Christmas and New Year because I always think back to the easier days back in primary school where we could have these Christmas parties which would require mums and dads to bring in plates of sausage rolls, chocolates and sweets for you to share out just before the end of the day and instead of doing school work we would watch movies on the carpet! It was great. 

There would always be some kind of Christmas play with the early years doing the usual Christmas nativity and we would sing carols.

I do miss all that you know! Never thought I would but I do sadly ha ha. Back then I used to always think the coming up to Christmas dragged so much... now in university with deadlines, part time jobs and trying to maintain your social life time flies by. 

But I have learnt that those precious memories during Christmas at school, those I once knew who sat around our dinner table and stayed till New Years day, laughing with my family and dressing up the family dog in a party hat... you can't beat old memories. 

So this month I have been a busy bee doing my usual routine of work and university work trying to get everything done before breaking up for two weeks. I got my Christmas shopping sorted (gosh its hard work! I love shopping but Christmas shopping... it's just difficult and the masses of people overwhelm me!). 

But I got there and I hope everyone reading this has had a less stressful time doing their Christmas shopping! I think my family will be glad with what I've bought them (if not then it's just tough by now ha ha!).  

I'm glad to just settle down and put my feet up. I've still got quite a bit of university work to do but I'll get it done before the New year next week hopefully. 

I got all comfy yesterday by popping on my favourite bedding, white with ruffled edges, it's so gorgeous it makes me feel like I'm in some fancy Parisian hotel! Only except I'm not of course... hehe! I bought that new fluffy white throw from Primark the other week for just £6 and it's so snug I love it!

Plus I managed to grab some fairy lights too because my last ones broke I was extremely gutted because the Christmas season just screams: fairy lights so I practically needed them. 

The Christmas markets in Manchester have now gone but it was fun while they were here. I did often go for a cheeky Baileys hot chocolate, toffee waffle and a hot dog. They had some gorgeous features while they were up and rides! I didn't go on any but the carousel was so pretty. How cute is that?!

Speaking on hot chocolate... I've been addicted to hot chocolate like crazy lately as well. Honestly almost every day it's been: hot chocolate, hot chocolate, coffee or a latte, hot chocolate, tea, hot chocolate. I don't always have them with marshmallows either but I've been addicted to adding those too!

 I never realized in the past just how tasty hot chocolate was with marshmallows and I doubt I'll be breaking the habit either! I do love to add in a treat like a flake or chocolate finger too in some whipped cream to top it all off... 

Sounds so sickly doesn't it? Ha ha! 

Oh and has anyone else seen or invested in any of the new Mariah Carey x Mac Christmas products? If not then you SHOULD. 

They're bloody gorgeous and perfect for this season. I didn't write up a review about them since I added the in my Christmas Gift guide instead. But they are absolutely beautiful, smell amazing and look the part. Invest! 

Since yesterday I have been doing my last minute bit of Christmas shopping and I found these really pretty lights hung up over the town in Bolton. I haven't seen these ones before! I thought they were really pretty and magical. Christmas really is here!

I did buy a gingerbread man house kit the other week and I ATTEMPTED it but they seriously do not pack enough frosting in these kits. 

So I ran out half way through and I did try making more but it didn't go right... I am seriously no good at this baking lark but I still fun it fun just to decorate with the marshmallows and smarties. It's still kind cute though right?

I did invest in a gingerbread man baking kit too and thankfully those turned out decent! I'm not ashamed to flaunt these off! They're not perfect but they taste fantastic and I've eaten almost half (I'm so naughty!). 

One of my monthly purchases this month is no doubt these gorgeous rose gold brushes by Zoeva. I've been after some fairly decent make up brushes for ages since most I buy are just off eBay, they do the job most of the time but I don't own any professional branded ones.

I did some research and they have good feedback so far therefore I bought them in the hopes that they work their wonders! I've started using a couple of the brushes such as the eyeshadow, blush and brow brush and they're doing me proud! Best investment yet.

It's Christmas tomorrow and I want to just say thank you for reading this long post about me rambling on about well... myself! 

I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow, eat lots, drink lots and receive lovely things. But most importantly spend it with someone you love and enjoy yourselves! 

Merry Christmas


Cutesy Christmas Picks! A Quick Gift Guide


Well it seems Christmas is literally just around the corner now... it's getting closer and closer by the day but if you are a little bit stuck for some ultimate lovely gifts then there is still time! 

So take by all means just pop up your feet, settle down in your comfies if you have them on (if not then I reckon you should get them on!) and have a good read. As I've got a good handful of bits and bobs that may tickle your fancy! 

Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch

Olivia Burton have recently caught my eye and ever since then I've fallen deeply in love with the jewellery and watches. Mostly the watches because they're all extremely classy and high-end looking. 

I adored this particular one in the Rose Gold with numeral numbers and it is the Olivia Burton Ladies Wonderland watches. It is also available in grey and black. But I found the rose gold much more girly and sweet. It would make such an amazing gift this year and would compliment any outfit!

Roses Diptyque Candle

Another item I invested in was this heavenly scented Rose candle by Diptyque. Its one of those "blogger must have' Items knocking around your bedroom and then once its gone transform it into a make up brush holder. 

The one I got is 70g so its a bit too small for making it into a holder... for its size the scent is overbearing and strong. Its not a bad thing of course, it smells wonderful and certainly is worth the money. I can't wait to get this lit!

Capture Your Style Novel

The book "Capture Your Style" written by Aimee Song who is a lovely blogger fashionista and interior designer. This book is an interesting read for anybody who is interested in either fashion, social media or photography as this book basically has it all. 

I have been dying to purchase this book for ages and I am glad I did actually because it does give you a good deal of tips in ways on improving your photography and Instagram feed such as how to create a flawless flat lay out,  making sure pictures are in order and edited to perfection. 

Maison Fossier Raspberry Macarons

Also I found these Maison Fossier Macarons in Home Sense but they can also be found in TK Max's food section. I tried them back in August and they're really good! I was pleased to find more and they were such a bargain too for just £2.49 as you get quite a good handful of tasty raspberry macaroons! 

They're very crunch and chewy too... mmm! They would make such a nice treat.

Dreamy Eye Mask

Now I have been wanting an adorable eye mask for ages too... not necessarily to use because I mainly use it for a prop on my dresser and in my photos just for that added girly touch. I couldn't find a nice one at all until I found this pretty pastel pink and white striped lace eye mask over on Missguided for a bargain price of just £5. 

Perfect as a stocking filler preferably for someone who either just loves their beauty sleep or someone like myself who would just flog it in photos! 

Christmas Tree Decorations

Oh and can you see those three adorable cake decorations too? These are from Accessorise! They're so cute and I am glad I got these because using just sparkly baubles on my tree can be a bit boring so I purchased these to give it a bit of flavour! 

If you get to Accessorise quickly you may still get 3 for 2! 

Mac x Mariah Carey Lipstick Collab

Ah yes.... Mariah Careys new make up collaboration with MAC has certainly caused up a storm this week on Instagram and my blog feed. I can't complain though because the products are beautiful, all of them but I found that I would only use the lipsticks at the most. I only invested in two out of the four shades which were Mcizzle and Dahhlinggg. 

The shade in the picture above is in Dahhlinggg and its so gorgeous on! The colour is a cremesheen pinky peach,  I find it very creamy and glossy. It's a lovely colour and just look at that butterfly?! As if the glitter wasn't enough to win us ladies over!

Baby Pink Roberts Radio

The Roberts radio there in baby pink is actually an early Christmas present of mine (I've been bawling on and hinting about wanting one of these lovelies for ages!) and is it one of those timeless beautiful pieces to have in your home simply to use as decoration if never to be used. But still they're handy just for turning on while you're getting changed or in the bath! 

Its so pretty isn't it?! 

I hope this little gift guide has been somewhat helpful. If do please let me hear your thoughts! 

Happy Holidays 


Some Of My Favourite Winter Essentials On A Budget

We all know that blogging comes with a cost alone without Christmas and New Year piled on top so it can be difficult. 

Theres the presents to buy, cards for friends and family, the work parties for some people who need to shell out for a pretty dress or fancy pair of heels, getting involved in Secret Santas and buying presents for that. 

It can be expensive especially in this day and age where we see pictures of luxurious Christmas trees in peoples homes, delicious food being advertised on the TV and having all these special editions of coffee/hot chocolate come out where we all flock to try them at Costa and Starbucks. Those aren't exactly cheap either since you're paying around nearly £4 a go and it does add up...

Maybe its easier for some but if you're a student like myself where you get to be naughty by treating yourself every now and again then the holidays can be a bit overwhelming. Very overwhelming actually but at least we get the Christmas break? Thats always a plus!

Even so its going to be fine because there are always places a bit cheaper to shop at where you can keep it cute and on trend of course. 

So some of my favourites this season are... 

1. First up is the fluffy fur pom pom beanie! These have always been popular during winter but this year I've seen them in so many different shades so there is such a big variety. I got mine in Primark for just £2! There is similar ones in New Look, Tophop and Zara but if you just want to pick up a hat quickly for cheap then Primark is your best bet. 

2. These rose gold dangle hoop earrings are an absolute favourite for me as just spurt some colour in the mist of grey groggy mornings and our current bleak days. I find that they just cheer my outfits up! They were also from Primark for just £1.50! 

3. That gorgeous pink scarf you can see is from H&M and I absolutely love it! It was just £12 and its such good quality. It's long, thick and warm. I have been after a blush coloured scarf for ages too so I immediately grabbed this when I saw it! It looks so cute on with my long black coat and a nice white cable sweater. 

4. Rose gold make up brushes have been my beauty essential favourite this year as they've been featured almost everywhere from blogs, magazines and Youtube videos. They're just so pretty! I got my set from Ebay for just under £6 and they're pretty good quality actually. They're standard if anything not amazing but decent. 

5. Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution Lipstick in Brinkin Brown is a must! It's a gorgeous dark brown with a slight reddish tint. It looks lovely on during this time of the year and is perfect for the holidays! 

So what are your favourite budget buys this month? Got any? Please share!


Patisserie De Bain Just Got Better! New Year, New Scent

Patisserie De Bain did it again. 

Once more we have been blessed with a wider variety of gorgeous products with four more new scents available to us. 

Have you tried Patisserie De Bain before? If not then I highly recommend that you should especially since it is the glorious Christmas season and this line would make such wonderful gifts! Your loved ones will not be disappointed and if they are they're lying! 

If you have already tried these products then you should know where I'm going with this. But if you haven't then you are in luck as Patisserie De Bain have some new scents which may tickle your fancy.

As we have now been introduced to the scents such as Lemon Bon bon, Cranberries & Cream, Strawberry Cupcake, Rhubarb Whip, Sweet Cherry Pie and Sugared Violet. 

Patisserie De Bains products can be found over on their website or here from Superdrug. 

I was kindly sent the gorgeous Strawberry Cupcake products to try and when they arrived in a big box I was absolutely excited! Aren't they lovely? 

Everything by Patisserie De Bain is so beautiful and I am really grateful that I was able to have the chance to try their some of their new products. It's such an honour and I am thrilled! 

Aw... the gorgeous pastel striped box the products arrived in is so pretty, all of them were packaged extremely carefully ensuring none were damaged. 

Also I love how "Which Sweet Scent Are You?" is featured on the front. It sure does gives the package some mystery before opening it up to reveal the goodies! 

" Keep your heart and mind cheerful with happy scent of Strawberry Cupcake from Patisserie de Bain. A pink and girly swirl of cuteness, Strawberry Cupcake is carefree laughter bottled with sunny scents of strawberries and cream. " - Patisserie De Bain

I really like the new Strawberry Cupcake cake slice soap addition to the Patisserie De Bain line! It even looks as if it could be slice of cake too. I love its scent... when I took this out of its wrapping I was sat there sniffing it and couldn't bear the thought of putting it under the shower yet. 

Eventually I did and wow! I was surprised to find how moisturising it is and sweet smelling. 

Now personally I am not really that into soap bars because they slip and slide everywhere, they're a little unhygienic and I just think using shower gel is easier. Not only that but bars of soap looking at them are quite a traditional and old fashioned product. I doubt they will ever truly go out the window but nowadays many people just tend to go out and buy bottled products. 

However I think these cake themed slices of soap give Patisserie that old school Parisian cafe vibe. They give the brand a good variety to choose from and the bars of soap are attractive and presented in such a cute way, so I still think they would be just as popular as everything else. 

These Strawberry Cupcake mini bath bombs are probably one of my favourites as they come in a traditional sweetie jar and actually look like little bon bon sweets! 

You get a great deal of them packed inside, they're quite small and fizz up almost immediately when dropped into water. But they smell amazing! The scent is a mixture of fresh strawberries and perhaps a tint of rose added in there as one of the notes. Its very perfumed when you take them out and smell the bath bombs however I found that they aren't as strong in the water. 

There is a scent but it isn't heavy as it would be with for example a bath bomb from Lush or Bomb Cosmetics, but again these are quite small anyway still they're lovely just add for that bit of moisture. 

The Strawberry Cupcake hand cream (50ml)  is on the top of my list from this collection mostly because during winter time I get such clammy cold hands but I also have a problem with one of my hands with the skin and I go through hand cream like no tomorrow. 

So this product is very useful for me as I slather it on in the morning, afternoon and evening. Its a great little size for popping in my pocket too when I'm on the train to university and just need that little bit of sweet hand hydration on my travels. 

This product isn't very greasy either which is great because sometimes some hand creams can be too much and make your hands feel like you've just dipped them in melted butter. But this one is great leaving your hands silky smooth in a rich lovely glycerine strawberry coat for the winter!

Plus it just smells so heavenly.... 

As for the Strawberry Cupcake hand and body lotion I found it is probably just as similar to the little hand cream but in a bigger bottle. You get a good amount of it too and I have been using this product mostly as a skin treat on a friday night or a sunday where I just want to relax after a nice hot shower. 

Its gorgeous and so perfumed too leaving you smelling like a strawberry for hours after you've used it. It's rather thick too as you may only need a bit to rub in on your skin and then leave it to soak in. 

The Strawberry Cupcake bath and shower gel isn't as strawberry scented as the rest of the products. I found this one to be quite bland in the scent department but there is traces of strawberry there it just isn't as strong.

I have been using this as a shower gel mostly and its really nice actually. But if you are into shower gels or bath creams which are lightly scented and don't lather up then this is probably ideal for you.

For those reading what do you think of the products so far? Impressed or are they not for you? Please share your thoughts!