Five Nice Little Ways To Spend Halloween Alone

So you're not doing anything for Halloween? That's alright, neither am I. 

This year I just have nothing planned or anything my friends are going to I was not invited or I was invited but me being me I do not want to intrude. 

Plus I am just not feeling the dressing up game at all this year. But that's okay and if you feel left out of the Halloween frenzy then not to worry your little self! I know I'm not! 

1.  So the trick is to not worry or stop wondering what others are doing for Halloween because that will just make you feel down and miserable. Just concentrate on yourself, carry on and chill. 

2. Treat yourself! Well, duh Halloween is for treats (besides getting tricked! watch out for that doorbell...) and spoiling yourself rotten with complete junk. 

Its become the darker version of Christmas the UK is slowly starting to make an effort for because in previous years I haven't seen Halloween as celebrated here as it is in America. 

So get to the shops or ask your partner, parents or someone to grab a pile of your favourite choccies, crisps, drinks and food. Gorge out and enjoy yourself with a horror movie marathon! 

3. Run a nice bath, Halloween doesn't always have to revolve around getting hammered on a night out or at a party as an adult. You can spend the evening taking your time, replenishing and relaxing. 

There is plenty of stores out doing Halloween specials this time of year and if you are like me, love Lush then I am sure you have already invested in the Autumn/Halloween specials! 

4. If you are not into scary movies or up to watching films have a look around on Youtube at different make up tutorials. Whether they're spooky costume ideas or just a regular on the town chic look!

I know it sounds a bit silly as if you are reverting back to being little again but give your self a little beauty treatment and play around with your make up. See if you can mimic a nice look you like! 

5. There is always the old traditional thing of curling up with a good book if you're into reading. Books, comic or fan fiction which ever as its completely up to you. Also if you haven't already then get yourself a pumpkin! 

Pumpkin carving is a lot of fun - just remember to be very careful and watch your fingers! There is plenty of good designs to copy on Google and Pinterest or just make one up yourself! 

There is so many ways to spend Halloween by yourself because at the end of it all its just another day. Its all just for fun anyway. 

I hope this post has helped some others who aren't doing anything wild for the holiday. You're not alone and do please have a lovely Halloween! 


Feeling Lippy This Autumn? | My New Mac Lipstick Favourites

Ah Autumn, it's finally here. 

Now I don't know whether thats a good thing or a bad thing for some of you but for me its most certainly a good thing. I mean who doesn't love deliciously hot brewed cappuccinos or hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows, long knitted scarfs when you're waiting for your train on cold mornings and pretty colourful crisp leaves. Its such a beautiful season and to start it off, a new mac lippy is always best. 

I've already invested in some pretty autumn themed lipsticks from Mac and have gave them a try since I took the first snapchat. I couldn't wait to wear them!

So my picks were this gorgeous brownish auburn red colour called "Mocha'. Quite the relevant name since I suppose its supposed to give off that coffee chocolate appeal. Its quite similar to another shade have called 'Retro' only expect that is a lot more red whereas Mocha is more brown. 

The other colour I have is 'O'. Just 'O' and oh boy, do I love this colour! Its such a gorgeous colour which even though it looks darker in person. Its actually a lot lighter and shimmery when its on. Its lovely because frost has come right back in this season and with the brown, that 90s shimmer, I think its such a great combo. It'd look great on paired with a velvet slip dress and a lace ruffle shirt underneath! 

As for pigment when it comes to the shade 'Mocha' I think its very dominant. It isn't a sheer colour and masks your lips fully. The texture is smooth, creamy and lies perfectly over my lips. Its very velvety and moist. It lasts up to around an hour and half before maybe needing to apply more. 

The lipstick 'O' is probably slightly more translucent but still quite dominant. I would say its only a little bit thin. So a couple of layers is needed to properly mask your lips. Again its quite creamy, a nice solid smooth and doesn't feel bitty due to having traces of shimmer in it. It lasts around an hour. 

Swatches: Mocha (Left) & 'O' (Right) 

I would recommend these lipsticks to those out there who are pondering over what colour to get next in their mac collection or just generally are looking for that nice shade for Autumn. Its back to university, college and life since summer is now done with. So I can understand, everyone wants to look their dandiest! 

Both lipsticks retail for £15.50 and can be purchased online, Selfridges or The House Of Fraser. 

Are any of you looking for that perfect shade this Autumn? If so, let me know what you have your heart set on! 


Current Autumn Wants!

Its been so long since I did a wishlist! To be fair though there is just too many things I want this year so I've had to cut it short and not be too greedy... I've popped up all the things I want the most (sorta).

But don't we all want things? Its only normal to want, want want! Especially since its almost Christmas and all the other events pile on top before hand. But there is no harm wanting to treat your wee self every now and again...

Heart Stud Bow Frame Purse

I bought a wallet not too long ago actually but when I saw this wallet over in Accessorise I immediately fell in love.  

But to be fair I would just buy it for the sake of buying it... probably never really using it due to the fact that there is no proper card space inside and even though there is slots I feel like its not that secure. Im just super, super picky with purses and bags. Love the colour though! Its so cute. 

The White Company Pink Bed Socks 

Its getting chillier by the day now! These would be so perfect for curling up in front of the fire and just having a little snooze. Plus they're in pink which is a bonus. Ive always seen them on Instagram and Google... I'd think "How cosy do those look!" and I really want some now!

Philosophy's Pumpkin Pie

Ive searched high and low for this in my local boots, the other boots near my university and online. Could I find it? Nope. I think this is an American production sadly but I have found some over on Ebay, the shipping is a bit much though. It look so nice! I just love pumpkin.

I've got a huge pumpkin obsession actually now from eating it in soups and cake, to coffee and bath products. I have a feeling this would smell gorgeous! Shame it isn't in the stores over here in the UK though... 

Yankee Candle's White Chocolate Apple

I smelled this in the store the other day with my friend and mmmm! Does it smell good... I was going to buy it but I think I might leave this as a Christmas present (knowing my family they always get stuck what to buy me so...). 

It smells really creamy, mostly chocolately than apple. They only seem to do this scent in a large version which is annoying because I just wanted a small jar. Ah well.

Charlotte Tilbury's Beauty Advent Calendar 

Its a dream. Oh if only I had a spare £150 I could just easily blow away without a thought in the world... but sadly in this reality I haven't so Ill have to give this a hit and miss. Id have this over the chocolate calendars any day...  or would I?

Accessorise Leather Gloves 

Ive been after a new pair of gloves for some time now so I might cave in and buy these babies! They're a lovely taupe colour too which I love. I particularly like the ruffle detail too... it gives them such a nice girly sophisticated touch. 

There is the black version too but I thought these were prettier! Ive had my current gloves since year 8 from high school... no lie. I loved them so much but I think its time I threw them away in exchange from stripes to these!

To any of you lovelies reading... have you seen anything you've got your eye on at the moment? Any future Christmas presents or such? Please let me know! 


Adorable Pamper Products I'm Loving

Its time for another beauty post! Yes, eventually I will write something other than just products. Thats all I seem to ever write about these days. Sorry if things seem a bit repetitive! 

But I couldn't help but share what pamper products I've been absolutely loving as of late. First I want to share this relatively new brand called Oh k! Maybe some of you reading have heard of it. If not then Oh K! Is a Korean beauty line and their products are so cute. You know me, I can't stay away from cute things!

If any of you know Korean brands already then you might be familiar with the brand "Tony Moly" by any chance? If so, you'll know where I'm heading with this. Yeah, I couldn't help but think Oh K!'s products were quite similar, a bit too similar actually to the brand Tony Moly.

The packaging... the panda packaging more or less. They have other products too, these are simply just hand cream and face masks. But in Tony Moly's brand there is a panda dream pot eye cream and the panda looks so much like this one. It's crazy! Not everything is the same though.

This brand is far more cutesy and concentrates remotely on pretty animal and cute face themed items. Tony Moly does a range of cute products but they have a formal side to their line swell.

Since I've just started using it. Im impressed so far! The hand cream was a bit pricey for what I would usually pay but its brilliant for this time of year. Especially hopping from train to train during university and my hands get to bitter with the cold! 

The face masks are so good, they smell really nice too and love how they are infused with coconut water! One of my all time favourite facial moisturisers. Shame you only get three in a pack though... they're too lovely! Very penetrating and good value for money I would say.

If any of you are interested in where I bought these reading you can find the Oh K! brand over at Urban Outfitters, Toyshop, Debenhams, New Look and Accessorize. 

I thought I would give the Zoella "Hungry Hands' hand cream a whirl since I keep seeing it on Instagram and have heard some good things about her new products. 

This hand cream was only £5, it can be bought from Superdrug online or in-store and I would say its worth the money but its just like any other hand cream. Nothing special but smells like gingerbread. Its nice though and would make a cute gift. Still pleased I invested in this though! I think I have a hand cream obsession... 

This is the first Zoella Christmas item I have ever tried up to now, so far I'm impressed and pleased with her items. I have also invested in a diffuser from her Lifestyle collection but I can't say that its very strong for the price I paid. I can just about smell it. I think I will honestly just stick to her cosmetics if anything. 

Also yes... yes I did jump on the Lush Halloween and Christmas bandwagon Im afraid. Why? I just couldn't help myself okay! Im not going to go into great detail about each bath bomb since there is simply so many other hauls on blogs and Youtube about them. 

But they did have new additions this year such as this gorgeous orange sparkly star bath bomb! It is called "The Magic Of Christmas" which smells like citrus with a dash of cinnamon. Its properties are to boost the circulation and penetrate your skin causing it be much more smoother, softer and refreshed.

It sounds great, delicious and I definitely recommend purchasing it for someone who adores Lush this Christmas! You wont regret it. Honestly - they're bound to love it. 

Monster Ball is such a cute bath bomb and probably my favourite because of the sweet scent it held and the water. The water was unicorn vomit... it was lilac, pink, blue, yellow. It was sparkly too! The whole bath left me in awe. Its very

Pumpkin spice is a new addition this year too. I saw this one on an American Instagrammer's feed. I kept checking the store's site just to see whether they were here in the UK yet and when they were I popped in to Lush where I just splurged on everything. It smells like a pumpkin spiced latte but in solid form and non edible.

Autumn Leaf I believe is also new. Ive yet to use this one but I've seen the way it leaves your bath and its like a dissolvable bag of starbursts! Even smells like them too - its sweet scented with a dash of spice. Lovely! I can't wait to use this one.

The new "Shoot For The Stars" bath bomb a.k.a the big blue beast with gold stars all over it is now one of my favourites. Its just so pretty, I loved it right away when I first saw it I just had to have it. 

It has the scent of honey, packed with Brazilian orange oil, coconut cream and also organic cocoa butter. I haven't used this one yet but I can only imagine from the ingredients I've read about it that its going to be incredible.

I bet the bath water is going to be like a combination of the Bora Bora blue sea and space combined. Its going to be a dream, I think I will save this one for Christmas eve. Its just got that Christmassy magical vibe! Its probably the stars doing more than anything... I can't wait!

So what do you think of my pamper product favourites so far? Have you got any particular beauty products you're absolutely over the moon with at the moment? If so, please let me know!


September photo diary – iPhone pictures

Hello! Ah... its been a while since I did a monthly favourite post. I didn't do one last month simply because there wasn't anything good going on in my life and I had not an awful lot to post about. So now I do!  Anyway just a few of the things that have been happening... 

1. How could I not throw in a good Lush snapshot of the wonderfully new Autumn and Winter pieces? I went a bit crazy this year. I haven't really bought that many bath bombs from Lush before (I know... I know!) but this year I decided to go all out and actually bother trying some of the new products. 

Plus the previous products that have been coming out during Autumn and Winter before. Ive had snow fairy, the pink bubble bar and flower bath bomb before but it was such a treat to try the Autumn products! How cute is that pumpkin though? 

I never want to use the bath bombs... they're so pretty! Its a shame to use them. They're super moisturising though, I ended up using the new monster ball bath bomb and not only did it turn the bath water into unicorn vomit. It was so lovely on my skin, glittery and it left me feeling so soft! Im so going to buy another one next year! I want to use the sparkly pumpkin next! 

2. The Disney store... I'm such a big kid. Yeah, I'm guilty of going in there regularly and buying the mugs. Either as presents or dare I say myself? I can't help it! I just love Disney. I went in the other day and I saw all the pretty Christmas ornaments out already! Aren't they gorgeous? I wish I had my own little Christmas tree where I could just fill it ups with these... 

3. As its getting colder day by day I had to invest in a new winter coat. This one is from Miss Selfridge! It fits the Larme kei fashion vibe perfectly and its so snug! I love the pretty faux fur collar, I feel so girly and precious wearing it! It comes with a lovely belt too to keep you all tucked in during those frosty days! I can't wait to properly wear it come Bon Fire night and Christmas! 

4. University is harder this year... Im a few weeks in my second year now. So much work to do, its piling and piling up. Im trying to do so much during spare time but when I finish university its time for work and by the time Im trying to get more done, thats after tea and things like washing ect. Its almost time for bed... I really need to organise better and just learn not to stress. Ill get there eventually I suppose. 

But other than that my modules for this year are good, they're not boring like they were in the first year and they're actually getting us to produce outcomes for live briefs which is always a plus. More opportunities for us! 

What I Think Of The Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara | Review

Im loving Charlotte Tilbury a lot lately, I tend to skip from brand to brand a lot because it takes me ages to properly find a brand that I like enough to stick with that has decent good quality products. That includes gorgeous packaging because I like my cosmetics to look cute... duh? Popularity doesn't matter to me so much as not every well known brand has products suited for everyone and they aren't always the best. Trust me. 

I've done the paid for a lipstick, concealer or nail varnish for over thirty quid and thought "You know what... it's not even all that good." before regretting why I ever even bought it, wept and started snapping pictures of it to flog on Depop or Ebay. Since you can't really give cosmetics back can you? Eek. 

But with Charlotte Tilbury it lives up to my expectations. It ticks all of the boxes for me, it pretty (rose gold though!) and well it's past my own little personal quality control pen. Its for me. I'll shut up now, I tend to just ramble on with myself. Ah well... 

For those of you interested, have heard of Charlotte Tilbury or just need a nice mascara that does the job. I mean in this day and age there is so many mascaras out there with so many brushes, its an endless choice and its all down to preference at the end. I'll just make this review quick and just sum this item up as: Good. 

The Legendary Lashes mascara certainly lives up to its standards. The brush is excellent if you want that full big bushy volume. I know not all girls tend to like that and prefer a more natural, dimmed down lash. I just love slapping it on and having big beautiful lashes! 

This type of brush is my favourite as its nothing overly weird, I'll be honest sometimes I go into Boots and look at the mascaras, open one up and knit my brow at the sight of some of the brushes. I've never seen some of them those before while this Legendary Lash is just the typical traditional mascara brush. 

Complaints I must make are that it smudges too easily. Gah. I mean I don't mind getting an ear bud and damping it to get off the smudge marks underneath my eye but it can be a bit of a pain in the morning when Im rushing for the train to university... 

However the trick is to simply layer. I have found if you do layers and allow it to dry, build up your volume that way and that way it will appear lash bat-eyelash like and the formula giving you a much bolder but fuller appearance. But I will not be using this on my bottom lashes anymore due to smudging.

The pigment in this mascara is brilliant though. Its black alright. 

It does have quite an overpowering scent too. I don't mind that too much and I know some do. Still I do think that too much scent can be a bit annoying, I put this on my eyes and question what exactly am I applying on myself. I do wish it was mellowed down in terms of its scent. 

I have read some more reviews about this item while most being negative, while you cannot please everyone, I think this product is worth the buy but just do your research before purchasing or have a look at this product in the store to test if its really right for you. I had a small tester of this mascara and I liked it enough to purchase the actual large version. 

I heard it has lasted others longer and thats what I look for in a good mascara. So I look forward to continue using this product for my everyday make up. Money well spent I think. 

So far are any of you impressed or not so much?

Do any of you reading already own any Charlotte Tilbury products? If so or if not, would you purchase this product? Please let me know! Its always interesting to hear your thoughts! 


Patisserie De Bain Lauches A Delicious Vanilla Scent! | Review

Do we have any Patisserie lovers present by any chance? If not then I suggest you invest or just have a good sniff at these delicious products over at your local Superdrug because you are missing out! It's a national treat that definitely deserved to in your bathroom!

Patisserie De Bain are a the brain child filled with delicious bathtub treats that come from the origin brand of Rose & Co. They are a wonderful brand created by both mother and daughter. Rose & Co which is vastly expanding here in the UK only use locally sourced, good quality ingredients and expert British suppliers and manufacturers to create their products. 

Ive bought a couple of their products previously before and they have been wonderful! So I had already had high expectations when I received this set. But of course, I was yet again instantly pleased by Rose & Co given such a beautiful products. Also can I note how cute is the packaging?! Its so cute! I love the french theme cafe theme it carries, the soft pretty light colours and how the sweet scent matches perfectly.

Now the scent is vanilla for this one and its not too heavy, its sweet and light. The shower gel is a clear substance, it smells good enough to eat to be honest. If only I could... 

The Creme Patisserie body soufflĂ© is also holds a buttery vanilla aura too. The sent lasts for around two hours, its extremely moisturising and thick which is what I like. I love that in a moisturised or body cream, the runnier the less it lasts. The thicker and it penetrates the skin better, so this would be ideal for those interested in this item. Also who look for those qualities with body creams. 

This set comes with a cute little body sponge (I think thats what these are called? Im sure they have a different name haha!). Even that smells nice! Maybe its just me. But I think so!

I just want to thank the owners for sending me this product as I truly do appreciate it. It arrived all safe in a lovely big box, wrapped beautifully in that gorgeous Patisserie tissue paper. Isn't it pretty?

I love those little efforts made just to go that extra mile and put a smile on your face!

Of course the actual products in their packaging looks like this in store. Its so lovely and well put together in the design category.

Its worth every penny and would make a fantastic gift for your loved ones this Christmas or even as a secret santa at work! It would be a nice gift for somebody, man or woman. Smells good and thats all that matters in the end!

It retails over at Superdrug at the moment as a free gift when you spend over a certain amount. Until then the pricing is still to be decided and confirmed. 

What do you think about this item? Would you give it a try? Please let me know your thoughts! As always they are highly appreciated!