Luxurious Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows

If you are a fan of Charlotte Tilbury then you are in for a real treat! 

So recently Charlotte Tilbury has released their new Legendary Brow brushes, now before anything else aren't they super stunning?! If you have read my previous entires on this blog then you know already that I have a terrible obsession with gold (or Rose gold). I know the entire Charlotte Tilbury line colour scheme is gold but that's besides the point... 

I had to order this product directly online since my local Selfridges hasn't got these in stock yet alas the Legendary lashes either. They come out in stores September apparently so if you are eager then order online. 

The Legendary Brow series vary in colours due to different hair colour. I ordered the darkest brow which is called "Cara" while there is others called "Brigitte", "Linda " and one in clear too. What I love about the Tilbury range is the little quick videos they have for each product and also they use women of different ethnicities so it helps a lot to show what products suit you. It makes the range appear so modern and diverse. It makes me so pleased!

Now as for the application I found it fairly simple and the brush with its tiny bristles was very fitting. I have used brow products before which go from pencils plus those little nubs you twirl up and down in pencil form. 

Those have been alright but I feel using an actual micro-fine brush that coats my brows perfectly, the small brush ensures every hair is coated with colour so I think this product much more fitting. This my first time using a brush for my brows and I don't think I will ever be going back to pencil now!

Also I found that this product makes my brows more slick and defined - in a natural way since my eyebrows are a bit thin but only slightly. So this brush isn't very overbearing and it won't give you those thick heavy brows you see on social media either. It isn't a heavy product. 

Legendary Brows brushes mainly just great for the everyday where you want to add some character to your make up but not over the top. This product is a great way to tame my brows and fill in any bare small patches. It also holds the brow quite well throughout the day too. 

The ingredients for the shade gel are enriched with elasticising wax and Vitamin E helping you apply easily. Legendary brows is ideal for thin, light and patchy. I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for that beloved brow product despite there is a great deal of them knocking around these days. Its worth the money and I think once you use it you won't go back!

Are any of you Charlotte Tilbury fans? If so, do you think you might invest in this product too? Let me know please I'm always interested to hear! 


Shade: Cara (suited for darker hair)

YesStyle Korean Beauty Box - Review

Recently I was sent this wonderful box of goodies from Yesstyle and I'm honoured to have received them. Aren't they pretty? I couldn't wait to start digging in and trying out each product when I opened the package. It was very exciting! So thanks again Yesstyle. 

          Berrlsom "Oops! Tint Cheek Cushion" and MACQUEEN's Lip & Cheek Cushion Tint 

As for these two products I found them extremely similar within colour and texture but there is some slight differences. While both are required to apply on your cheeks and also lips despite the "Opps!" Tint Cheek Cushion saying otherwise. I even had a cheeky try on my lips with that one and it's no different just runnier. 

They both have no scent completely flavourless but I suppose they make up for in when you add each product on your face. 

I tried the Macqueen tint first and found its a lot more stodgier compared to Berrlsom's product. It has a lot more pigmentation and its less smoother. Also its darker too- only by a bit though. While Berrlsom's tint is only a little lighter, less pigmented and its quicker to blend in. I'd say the Macqueen product lasts longer than Berrlsom's from around an hour to maybe six hours at the more before wearing off. Berrlsom's lasts up to four. 

Both are lovely products and to be honest I like Berrlsom's cushy brush instead of the stump Macqueen has. I find Berrlsom's packaging so much cuter too! But I think I would stick with Macqueen's product just because it lasts longer. 

                  Lineage Lip Sleeping Mask

Oh I love this! It's a gorgeous strawberry scented lip mask which you are required to apply just before you go to bed at night. So after a nice bath or hot shower I've been using this in place of Vaseline and it's done my lips wonders. It really does help enhance softness and moisture. The next morning your lips should be soft and deliciously supple.

I like how it also comes with a mini brush too, it's like a baby shovel and you use that to put on your lips! I barely use it though, I'm a quick and easy lass. Just my fingers will do! 

Although the packaging is quite dull and far from any relation to the product inside besides their shared logo. It's so cute how the jar is pink! 

                 Etude House Collagen Eye Patches

really like these Etude eye patches and I've been using them for ages now. I think I first bought these around five years ago back when my obsession with cute cosmetics from Japan and Korea began. I buy them every now and again not all the time, when I do I only use them when needed. So it's every once in a while.

They're a good product! Signs don't show automatically but I can tell a slight difference the morning after or a few hours after using them. They take a slight amount of puffiness and dull away from the eyes but not too much. I doubt any eye patch actually gets rid of black circles. The only cure for that I'm afraid is a good nights sleep, water and a healthy diet. But these patches are good for uplifting yourself and helping create brightness around your eyes so you don't look constantly exhausted but basically: they're a refreshment. 

I do recommend this product though especially if you're busy in-between university, work and life in general. These are nice just to help you feel better and look better. 

I adore the packaging if I must say. It's so cute! She looks like a little doll.

               Tosowoong's Black-Head Nose Pack

Now these are just great. Honestly I think these are my most favourite product out of this bundle because these definitely have done me wonders. No... no I'm not going to show you the results as that's a bit too gross! But I can guarantee these do work.

I have heard that the black charcoal versions of nose patches are so much better than the white ones. I usually go for the white ones out of places like Boots and Superdrug but now I'll probably just buy these in the near future. They're worth the money and do a better job removing any debris from my pores. 

                    Beauty People Gel Eye Liner Auto Pencil

I've used this at least once and the shade compliments my tanned skin very well. By that I mean it shows up better whereas when I tried it on my friend it didn't show up all that well on fairer skin.

It's a gorgeous shimmery gold colour which is actually great right now for the summer weather. It's nice to add around winged liner just for an interesting effect I've noticed or just nice to apply on the brim of your eyelashes in place of eyeshadow if you want to make your eyes stand out.

Pigment is a little bit weak though I must say. I didn't find this product that strong and you have to apply loads to make it show up. It lasts around two hours at the most with around three layers on. It's a bit of a hit and miss in my opinion. 

                    Tony Moly "I'M REAL" Rice Face Mask Sheet

I'm a big fan of face masks and I found this one extremely good. I do love Tony Moly face masks in general anyway because they always do a good job. I usually purchase the shea butter masks by Tony Moly. So it was no surprise this mask had great outcomes too. They're a fantastic brand, what else can I say? 

This mask is coated in rice extract and it's properties are to deliver clearer skin. I think it does do the job given you use this particular mask enough times. I did see a difference using this rice mask just the first time since my skin felt fresher, moisturised and purified. 

I do recommend investing in Tony Moly face masks. There is so many other masks such as Aloe, Lemon, Shea butter ect. They all deliver different things but most are quite similar anyway and all are fairly decent. I've never had any problems with them. But check the ingredients just incase before purchasing as you could be allergic. 

What I love about Korean face masks is that it's actually infact a mask you slip over your face. The ones we have in the UK I see are always ones you have to apply in paste or gel forms. These mask versions are so much better as you can just easily peel it off and you're done. Instead of running to the bathroom to wash your face and mess around. 

                  Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

This BB cream I can't exactly use simply because it doesn't fit my complexion or skin tone sadly enough. Etude House is a Korean brand so naturally they just don't cater to darker skin tones besides fair tones. However I still admire this product and I tried it anyway just to see really what I make of it. 

By trying I actually just did a swatch. I didn't put it on my face since it does have whitening properties and it being a Korean product they have whitening ingredients in almost everything. Definitely not what I'm trying to achieve. 

It's quite a runny formula with decent pigment if you have fair skin. It has a lovely scent which smells like fresh flowers! This product also seaweed extract to moisturise the skin, prevents skin from becoming too oily and controls the sebum balance. Natural antioxidant powder is included too which prevents oxidation to help you achieve a more vivid and cleaner skin tone. 

I also have a few friends who have used this product and they recommend it. They always use it and said it's very reliable, a great base for their make up and they love the dewy natural look it creates underneath heir make up. That's just their words, not mine. 

There is plenty of other tones mostly for fair skin if you have a look on the Etude House website. These BB creams are all very affordable too. So stock up!

            My Lip Tint Pack "Vivid Scarlet"

Now this product is my least favourite out of everything. I've being seeing the lip tint craze over the internet for years now and when actually trying it myself I wasn't best pleased. Perhaps it was just this product? Well, I can't say I am fond.

This product looks just like any other lip gloss from the packaging but when you actually apply it to your lips immediately it sets like concrete and it's incredibly gooey. But what you do next is peel it off then you're left with the colour staining your lips.

I didn't like that but I went with it to try seeing the results. My lips are totally the wrong colour for this and this product is a bright blood orange colour too which isn't my favourite choice in colours when it comes to lipsticks/lipglosses.

This product is just too messy for my liking, I think it would be fun for younger women in their teens who would be fascinated easily. The idea is unusual I will say that and it is sort of cool. But it doesn't fit my bill at all. I'm not trying to sound negative or put people off buying this product, it's just not for me. 

Again you can find this product over on Yesstyle at a low cost and easily have it shipped to you. 

Thanks for reading and if you have enjoyed this review please tell me what products you like the sound of so far? Let me know please!


July photo diary – iPhone pictures

I just thought I would do a quick post about how my month has been so far. Some bits have been good and not the best but I just thought I would share anyway!

1.  Im so glad I finally got round to visiting the Manchester Comicon! I'm a bit of a nerd and have adored the cute side of Japanese culture a.k.a anime and manga. I've loved it ever since I was a little girl to be quite honest and I'm not just saying that for the cliche "oh not another one..." because I have! It was a brilliant day out. Me and my friend saw a few performances on stage which was fun, there was plenty of places to eat too from toastie fans, to burger and hot dog stands. 

We kind of went a bit mental on the Japanese and Korean candy that was being sold at this wonderful stall called TofuCute! They have a website too if you're interested check it out! I'm so glad I also got to use my poor Japanese skills to have a chat with some of the store owners. Next year  Im definitely dressing up! Not sure who as... but it'll be something! 

2. Recently I invested in a shaker and meal shake from Cute Nutrition as I'm currently on a weight loss journey. A long time ago, I used to be a size UK 24/26. No lie I was and I dropped a lot of that weight a few years back... it's quite a sensitive subject to me because it brings back a lot of sad memories.

 But now I'm around a UK size 10/12. I'm hoping to go back to the gym come September and start the shake plan during the coming weeks. It'll be ideal for university so I don't crave during the day at that tuck shop we have downstairs... I'm so naughty! Can only give it a shot though and if it's good I'll come back with my results!

3. It's been weeks since but I recently lost my little dwarf hamster. I've only had her around a year and half but she passed away. I just woke up and found her one morning, she was fine the night before and I can't even understand why... I was very sad. She was so lovely, such a harmless little thing. I doubt I will ever buy another hamster- not after her. I just hope she knows she was very much loved if there is a heaven.

4. Ah! My mother turned forty the other week and we threw a surprise party for her. It was hilarious seeing her expression. She was very grateful and we had a good time. I'm not a fan of beer... you know the beer beer stuff. Pints.

So instead I invested in some delicious pink lady wine in mini bottles and these gorgeous fruity alcopop drinks. The one in the picture was okay... but the Malibu! Oh my goodness. Malibu, cold, rum and coconut water is the best one! If you're into all of that then I recommend trying if you're ever floating around the isles in Asda or Morrisons. You'll have a ball! 


A Little Deskspace Tour

It's probably taken me absolutely ages to conquer up the urge to make a post about my desk area. I've had a handful of people from my Tumblr and Instagram ask me to make one also a room tour but I will save that for another day! 

Reason? My vanity area needs a clean up and to be properly organised.  because at the moment I'm not too happy with it. However I am very happy with my desk space right now! 

This will probably change in the next coming months because I am always changing things around and moving my wall around. It never stays the same. 

My desk area is inspired by other wonderful bloggers such as Milkbubbletea and Jessica-Naomi whom I have been a fan of for years now. Her older pictures from around 2010 in her old bedroom always blew my mind and she pushed me to try new things. Listen to records for a change instead of my iPod or try crafting and creating things- read a book about animals. Her photography is so beautiful I urge anybody reading this to go check out Jessica's blog. Everything is beautiful alas Milkbubbletea too her pictures are always stunning!

I'm a big fan of the colour white (also this summer I am crazily obsessed with copper/rose gold it's so gorgeous and the perfect colour to stand out against all the white in my room... my mother always complains I should have a bit more colour!). I just think that it makes the room appear more fresh, cleaner and brighter. Although it can be a pain in the bum when it comes to cleaning because any marks show up and you really do have to give everything a good scrub. 

I just love the haziness of having a white room it makes me feel more at peace when I wake up, strangely enough it really cheers me up. This room is actually my aunt's old bedroom and I've kept her floral patterned white wall paper (it's since had a lick of paint don't you worry!). 

It just reminds me of her and my childhood I guess. I haven't got the heart to change it. I probably won't either.

Also did I mention? I've got a terrible, terrible big obsession with French Bulldogs. The little money bank of one on my desk shelf is a Frenchie and I got that from Dunelm. I couldn't leave it! I always see a lot of French Bulldog items in homeware stores- it's hard because I try not too buy too many of them... gah! 

I am a big fan of mounted butterflies. I never used to be only until around six years ago when I first was given the white frame of them from an old friend who no longer wanted them anymore. After that I have just enjoyed collecting them and also antlers. I plan on getting my collection bigger at some point and my goal is to get that whole wall covered in more butterflies! 

A friend of mine recommended the movie "Daises' and mounted butterflies were featured there too in the character's home. It's an interesting and very artsy movie. I think that may have boosted up my passion for the little things! As long as they're not from anywhere dodgy and purposely killed though. 

They do take away the boringness of my plain white walls and deliver beauty. My mother always walks in shaking her head and says "it's like a bloody museum in here!" which always makes me laugh. I think they scare her a bit! 

Not that my was intention of course (ha ha!)

Here we have my lovely new lamp I purchased from ClasOhlson although I found it a bit annoying how each piece of this lamp came separately. I just found that part tricky having to find everything in the shop then figure out how it goes together... I had to get this though. The colour... the style! It's so funky and unique! It's no doubt the favourite item on my desk. I find it very retro actually it's got a bit of a 70's quirk to it. Maybe? Or is it the 80's... 

I picked up this rose gold pineapple candle from Primark for just £3.50! I actually got the silver version too but it doesnt smell as nice. This one is kiwi, pineapple and lime flavoured! It smells divine when its lit! But I haven't been lighting it that much simply because its too nice to use up! 

The antlers jewellery dish is from Paperchase I got it over a year ago though so I don't think they may have it in store anymore. But what I didn't realise after I bought it and finally got it home is that the end of one of the antlers is broken! I didn't even see it!

Gutted... it's still pretty cute though right? I don't even use it for putting earrings in. It's more or less just for decoration! I've got a huge love for antlers and you can probably tell via my wall with the roe deer antlers featured. All are roadkill from around forty years ago- I bought them off Ebay. Thats all I know about them incase anyone is wondering!

I just find antlers so beautiful.

These adorable paintings are by Japanese artist Kaoru Hasegawa who is rising up in popularity on Instagram for their lovely portraits of cute doll-like girls slightly influenced by manga culture and are beautifully well done in acrylic paint. I adore Hasegawa's works! They're all at a reasonable price two in packs you can purchase. 

I wanted to add something slightly anime themed in my bedroom without going over the top. My thirteen year old self would have had Hello kitty, Sailor Moon and Inuyasha all over the place. But now I've definitely toned it down- those years were fun but now they're gone!

The adorable pink smiling pot has a fake plant inside of it and I purchased it along side with the copper fake plant from New Look. Seriously... get down to New look if you're struggling with bedroom decor because they have some wonderful new bits and bobs in at the moment! 

All for reasonably cheap prices too. Both plant pots cost me £4.99! They're so worth it though.

Beside them is a handmade post card by another artist from Japan called Nemu Plait. I picked it up and some of their stickers from Comicon the other week! I instantly though it would be very cute for my desk and a break from prints for a change. 

My next favourite piece is this antique style bronze clock from Matalan. Again yet another bronze item! You're probably bored to death of seeing it now.  I have always loved old fashioned pieces so I thought this would be a nice addition for my lonely shelf. Honestly... it's the last shelf I have left in my room now since I took the others down. The antlers there needed some company and so I settled for this. 

Also the geometrical candle holder again I bought it from New Look but over a year ago. I think I will definitely keep it up there though now! I never realised how well suited it among antlers and the clock puts the cherry on the cake! 


I'm really glad to have completed this space and have certain items compact together which contain all my interests. Sometimes its just nice to have a variety of different things and bringing everything all in one. So I am very pleased!

For my dear readers have you recently changed around a room in your home or found that one perfect item for your space too? If so please share! I'm always happy to hear! 


Creer Beaute Sailor Moon Cutie Rod Eyeliners | Quick Review

I'm totally late on the Sailor Moon bandwagon but I just couldn't help but want to review this gorgeous collection! Moon Prism power make up is gorgeous and c'mon who never liked Sailor Moon when they were little? Sailor Moon is the best!

I've seen these eyeliners and other pieces from the collection such as the power, lip balms and fragrance out already but I just haven't gotten round to buying them.

Instead I picked these up over at the Manchester Comicon that was held just last Sunday. I went crazy and bought the three! Including other goodies too. It was such a good day!

I really love the packaging. It's like a mixture of seriousness because its make up targeted at young women and yet it still has this childlike vibe. It reminds me of toys I would buy when I was little sealed up in this form. But thats japan for you! They like to create cute things and present them in unique ways. 

I showed my mother these and she raised her brow then said "Sailor Moon!" so even she remembers! She found them really fascinating and was surprised there was even eyeliners let alone other make up pieces. I admire how each packaging is different- so they're far from boring. So cute!

Also each eyeliner has a totally separate rod too which is awesome because its like how each member from the saga had their own separator! It really does make you feel like you're one of them when you're applying your eyeliner!

Such a totally wonderful feeling! 

I didn't realize it at the time but I didn't notice how the moon rod was actually an eye pencil version and not another liquid eyeliner. It's okay though! But I barely ever use pencil because it smudges so much, it's messy and you have to sharpen the down. This eyeliner is too gorgeous to sharpen so I probably will never really use this apart from decoration at the most. 

The other two are liquid eyeliners and are lovely to apply. They're sharp tipped and great for doing your cat eyed make up! They're very fine so it makes it easy to draw thin lines and master the shape properly. If you're like me and find it tricky to use a thicker liner then this is probably more ideal for you. 

One thing about these eyeliners is that they draw incredibly quickly from what I've noticed so you do not have to worry too much about smudges. When you're experimenting with them do keep some baby wipes or tissue near by so you can practice if its your first time using liquid eyeliner. 

Plus! These eyeliners are waterproof which is brilliant so on a rainy day try not to worry too much. With some matte setting spray and this on you won't have to panic about your make up coming off. This eyeliner will last you hours! 

Swatches: Liquid eyeliner - Left & Pencil eyeliner - Right

If you are interested in purchasing you can easily find the Creer Beaute Sailor Moon eyeliners and other similar anime themed make up over on Ebay for as little as £10 or over on Yesstyle which I highly recommend as they have everything on there. Totally reliable and great service!


LARME Magazine Issue #23

I'm so pleased to have received the latest copy of Larme magazine! Isn't the cover gorgeous? I think this issue, #16 and probably #8 are my favourite covers up to now. They're always so incredibly dreamy and gorgeous. 

I managed to settle down after work in bed with this issue and do my best with my terribly poor Japanese. Most of the time I just tend to admire the scenery and lovely outfits if I'm being truthful. This issue begins with summer styles using the main models in the magazine showing their refreshed looks and outfits they've been using. Mai Shiraishi looks absolutely gorgeous with the cute triple heart barrette she flaunts and I'm loving all the tulle skirts this year too. She compliments the tulle look wonderfully. 

Monaca Nishi has her own pages filled with her favourite foods, pieces and jewellery. I really love the little doodles Larme features around the pages in this issue. On her page there is these two drawn hands and actual photographs of nails. I just thought it was really artsy! 

I really like the Virgin Suicide reenactment they did for this issue. There is only the three girls they've used instead of five from the original movie. But it was quite cute- I can't say it's one of my favourite movies if anything I only ever liked the prom dress Lux wore and the unusual bedroom that the girls and fixed with pretty nooks and crannies on their walls. I'm pretty certain Rookie magazine did a spin off of The Virgin Suicides too.

It is such a hazy but yet bitter sweet movie with such deep emotions and gives off such a lonely vibe. In a weird sense a beautiful one too. I remember the first time I ever watched it and I was left with so many questions. It leaves you hanging on to the memories of those girls. I just found it very sad. I can see why it's appealing to Larme magazine though. I would like to see more similar movies in a series of shots done in the future as well. 

I adore the outfits such as the use of a heart bag, sandals and peplum skirt with corsets down the back or sides. Before I got into Larme fashion I never realised how decent sandals with lace or fluff could look so good with socks and tight skirts at all. I had no clue- I would never have even dreamed about pairing them up together in a million years! Im loving the black thick chunky sandals models such as Risa Nakamura and Mai Sakamoto are wearing in their summer outfits. They've inspired me to try this look too!

I love the hair section (its in form of a mini magazine inside the center of the issue) and features the models sporting different hairstyles. You have to pick your favourite and I picked the one Maihee (Mai Sakamoto) wore. I love her long wispy hair and I like how they're in pigtail bunches with a slight twist at the top of them. Very cute. Plus she's one of my favourites! 

The pages in pink and blue with the models either sat on top of a two tier cake or wearing a giant hat were very sweet. They are very scrapbookish with different medias applied on top of each other alas the models embedded in. I love this because its giving me ideas for my upcoming year in university so I might be able to take some ideas for my own work and try to work in abstract form for a change. Larme always helps!

The "Pussy Cat Make Up" was no doubt my favourite section in the entire magazine. It's sooooooo cute! I love it! I love the doodles, the step by step and pictures... everything is puuurfect! (No pun intended ha ha!). They show different looks under the names such as "Munchkin", "Scottish Fold', "Toyger", "Russian Blue" and "Bengal" just to give each make up style a bit more personality. 

Though I will say the make up looks are similar to looks we have seen before in this magazine but its always nice to experiment and create new little projects for the magazine. Scottish fold was my favourite! I love how lavender it is even though I never have tried purple or lavender make up I find it really appealing. Maybe I'll invest in some lavender coloured lipstick I could try blending...

Loving the outfit pages with the sheer lace and off shoulder pieces. I haven't been shopping that much this summer but I have managed to grab a pink off shoulder top (I wore it in one of my selfies) and its similar to the ones here in this issue. Now I have some inspiration to help me match it properly. I really like the culottes- I know that the new EHWG Bon Bon range is going to be doing culotte style trousers which is nice. I used to wear them when I was a lot younger but in denim so it just makes me think back to being little if anything. Plus they're quite funky when done right!

The "Whats in my bag" pages are always so interesting. I love being nosey and raiding things Risa has purchased. She always has such good pickings! Especially those Miu Miu sunglasses... 

The pages of the models Risa Watanabe and Mai Watanabe are gorgeous. They're in a forest in lovely ruffled pieces in pink and white shown staring into the camera as if they're being watched. The mist effect gives it such a ghostly feel and really enhances the whole scene to look so haunting. 

I noticed in the Larme culture section towards the end they added Maegamimami's art work in the Illustration panel! I love their work! If you haven't heard of them before I highly suggest checking it out. Everything is rather simple but thats the beauty of Mami's work. I'm sure if you're in the Larme community you've probably seen it floating around numerous amounts of times anyway.

Just to finish I had to add in the snippets of ReeRosee's art work too with the cute illustrations of girls she does in each issue, usually they're always dressed in adorable vintage outfits. I don't know if its just me... but they always remind me of Marnie from the Studio Ghibli movie "When Marnie Was There" if you've seen the concept art for that movie maybe you'll see where Im coming from. Of course... I can't forget the cute little comic either just for you lovelies to enjoy. 

Thank you for reading!