JillyJilly Design | Personalized Mug & Shop Review

So recently I made a little purchase from this lovely online shop called JillyJilly which is a recent business formed in 2014 who create a bunch of handmade pretty goods. These range from jewellery, stationary, personalised possessions such as mugs, prints and badges. 

I've been seeing Jillyjilly designs a lot on Instagram lately by some of the other bloggers I follow and so I've had my eye on this store for a while now. I kept thinking "Yes-no-hmm-but everything is so cute!" and in the end I just gave in. 

I bought one of the popular personalised mugs simply because I have no mug with my name on and as a child going to places like Blackpool, Brighton or anywhere with those gift shops that do the personalised drink bottles, cups and bowls I could never- ever find one with my name on. It's just too rare a name! Therefore I was honoured to buy such a sweet little mug with my initial and name gorgeously wrote underneath! 

The quality is excellent and I love the choice of designs for the personalised mugs too. There is hearts, spots, confetti and zig-zags to choose from aswell also you can pick your own colour. I just went with pink! 

I really love the type (graphic design nerd coming through!) on this mug because it's it just very natural, I find that quite personal and it is very bloggerish? If you get what I mean! The tiny flowers in water colours are so pretty! Although I do wish they would go all around the mug instead of stopping just near the handle but that's okay. It's a nice size too as I'm used to buying such huge mugs from the Disney store or Wilko where I can barely even finish my brew... this size is just enough. 

I love how my parcel arrived in such great care. It came in a cute pink parcel bag and wrapped well in bubble wrap. Inside the mug was in a box all wrapped perfectly in lilac tissue paper finished with a cute fine bow. Also I was given a contact card and a lovely handwritten thank you note (how lovely!). 

Awww.... my order even came with a bar of fizzer sweeties too! I used to love them as a kid. Everything is all so nice and well presented carefully for their customers. I think JillyJilly will go very far! I did some research on other reviews and many people are extremely pleased with their orders. So definitely. 

If you're looking for an early Christmas or birthday present idea then I recommend you visit JillyJilly over on their official store or their Etsy. As they've got so much to offer and a great deal of potential for their blooming business in the near future.


YSL Mon Paris Fragrance (30ml) Review

"Mon Paris is "about vertigo, love that makes you lose your senses"

"Mon Paris is billed as a 'modern interpretation of a love full of intensity and dedication' 

So once I heard about YSL releasing this new fragrance Mon Paris I was immediately intrigued and I knew I had to try it. The design drew me in because right now I'm ecstatic for the colours pink and black (You can never have too much pink!) and I adore the cute little black bow featured aswell! It really gives the bottle such a feminine and very delicate appeal. 

The packaging design, as you know me and my graphic design, I love the design. The background is very minimal and abstract while the gold brings everything to life. It's chic and simple which is enough. Although it does remind me of fragrances by Victoria Secret quite a lot but maybe it's due to the bow... hmm. 

I did order a tester just to try out since I couldn't find this fragrance near me in store just yet. It came at a small price and goodness I was hooked! 

The scent is rather fruity with a touch of floral chypre I would say. The notes range from orange, a bit of strawberry, peony and raspberry. I would also say it's slightly musky too but not as strong as the scent of the fruits which are a lot more overpowering than musk and floral notes. 

Also I have some done research and for those who have already tried this they compared it to previous releases Black Opium and Dior's Poison Girl. I have had a whiff of Black Opium on my travels when I've been shopping, I find the two a bit similar. This one is more fruity while Black Opium I think is more sweet due to it's warm vanilla and coffee tones. 

This is my first fragrance from YSL actually and so far I'm very pleased I purchased this as I usually try sticking to brands I'm more familiar with. Once in a while I tend to wander off on a little perfume parade buying different ones just to try to expand my collection. 

I love wearing fragrance everyday, it's just nice and I love spraying it on my scarves during the winter! It's something I picked up from my aunt (she's also perfume mad!). Always smell good on the run! Plus I find it's no fun just keeping them all stashed up unused and unloved! 

YSL Mon Paris is available in 30 also 50 and 90 ml Eau de Parfum.

This fragrance goes for £47 on the official YSL website here but I ordered mine for £39 here from Landy's Chemist. 


Summer Travel Wishlist

Isn't it great that summer is finally here? One thing I love about summer is the lovely bits they have out, it's all part of the fun. Well maybe not for everyone. But it's nice!

Even though we don't have the best of summers here in the UK it's still fun to shop around and even better if you're actually going away (unlike myself who isn't going away until next year... boo!). So I thought I'll make a little wish list of all the gorgeous new things I've seen just for something to do rather than sitting around bored this weekend.

1. Tropical Print Flip-Flops

These lovely flip-flops from Accessorise are so cute! They would be perfect for wearing around the pool and strolling along to the beach if I were going away somewhere nice and hot. Usually I would always wear really bland flip-flops in just either black or white because it was simpler and I though it was less childish in my teens weirdly enough. But now I just want to splurge in tons of colour, look vibrant while I'm away and stand out! 

2. "I'm outta here" Passport Cover 

How cute is this passport cover? I do currently have one already but it's worn and old now. I love the pastel pink and gold type! It's so girly and fun! Plus I bet it would be so funny to flaunt your passport at the control when you're boarding and then flip the cover bit showing the "I'm outta here!". That would be hilarious! (I'm super cheesy!). 

3. Ted Baker Pink Shopper bag

Ted Baker has grown on me these past few months and before then I hadn't given them much of a second thought. But now that I've started blogging, I'm seeing more of the label and the items are very pretty. I'm a bit gutted I haven't looked into this brand earlier! But I do love this bag, it's perfect for trotting around the markets (I do love a good bargain!) and the beach with all my gear in. Pink and a bow too! I'm absolutely taken with it. 

4. "Shhhh...' Boux Avenue Sleeping Mask

I was actually in Boux Avenue the other day as you do and I saw this cute mask hanging up. I picked it up with an "Awwww" but I never bought it sadly. Isn't it shic? Reminds me oddly enough of vintage barbie dolls. Maybe it's the pink trim and satin. Very handy for using at the pool to block out the sun when you're tanning your tummy!

5. Miu Miu Glitter Pink Sunglasses

I absolutely love these sunnies! Aren't they pretty? I've seen a few of my favourite Japanese models flaunting them this summer and I've been ever so jelly! It's a bummer they're pricey as hell though. But the pink and the glitter... gorgeous! They're quite chic and have this retro flare I love about them. 

6. Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Fragrance 

Such a lovely fragrance! Have you ever smelt it? I'm a big fan of Marc Jacobs perfume  ranges anyway. I don't actually have this one but it's dreamy and summer comes with sweet scents! This one is very light, somewhat fruity and a bit floral which does the trick I think.

7. Trouva's Brass Pineapple Tumbler 

I probably wouldn't actually buy this but I just thought a brass pineapple as a tumbler was an awesome idea. It screams summer! It's so cool! Imagine lounging around there on your sun bed with that in hand filled with a nice cocktail? It would be brilliant! 

8. Barry M's Coco Lip Oil 

I do want try these. They're a new addition to the Barry M range and there is another flavour available in berry. I just personally prefer coconut (I use coconut oil on everything! It's so moisturising and very good for you!). So I thought it would be good just to bang on my lips to keep them hydrated and shimmery on my travels. 

If anyone reading this has enjoyed my travel wish list then please share what you would have on yours! 

I'm always interested (and nosey!) to know what other people need when they go away! 


Five Things I Wish I knew Before University

Well this time last year me and probably god knows how many more people were waiting for their acceptance letters to one of their chosen universities and now the first year of university is done. It has gone so quickly almost as if I've just blinked and whoosh! Here I am! 

I've enjoyed my first year of university, it's been interesting and chilled (although I expect the next two years may be a little chaotic!) but I feel as if I've gained an experience which is good aside from coming out with comfortable grades. Now I can push myself that extra bit more and continue to put in the effort into my work. Ive gathered a good understanding of my strengths and weaknesses which is very important I've found. I'm slowly learning which media is suitable for me, finding which areas I do well in and now I can go from that point to produce good work in the coming semesters. 

Also I've made some nice new friends too! I'll be honest, the past couple of years since college I've been working and my social life has been awful. Now that I've made some more friends it's been fun, I'm sociable again and it's great! I've missed it so much. 

After my degree I do already have an idea in my mind of what I want to do. Possibly the JET program also known as Japanese Exchange and Teaching as I study Japanese on the side (betcha didn't know that!) and I kind of want to go into teaching within the art and design department here in the UK. Possibly-I mean my plans may change but until then this is the path I am following. 

Then again you never know... anything could happen! 

1. Organization:

One of the first things on my list here is that I had such a big issue when it came to being organised during my first year of uni. Not so much my bedroom, bag or anything. It was mostly silly things like files... since I do Graphic Design it's such a pain to try keeping my files in order because I would do so many drafts, name them lazily with things like "sub title 2" and "sub 22" and when it came to opening files on Adobe programs I would freak out and say "This isn't the right one!" right before the hand in date. So naming things properly is a must, it sounds ridiculous but it happens sadly.

Also towards the end of the year I found making a structure for myself in notebooks helped me a lot. During the first semester I would just ramble in my notes where I never gave myself as much as a list to get me started. It was just jotted down here and there terribly so when I came to typing things up on my analysis I would get all confused and wonder what source was from there because I was too bone-idol during lectures! So keeping your notes neat, simple but yet informative is a must. It always helps.

2. Timing:

It is so important to keep on top of things. Again in your notes just make sure you set goals for yourself each week and try completing them. Try getting as much done in class as you can and also go that extra mile as it all counts in the end. Don't leave things till the last minute because it'll only cause stress and worry.

Trust me, it's happened. I learnt this during my GCSE year!

3. Money Management:

Money... well money doesn't always stay the same. It goes up and it goes down. I recommend if you can getting a part time job on the weekends or evenings depending (try getting work done in your free time and class time so you don't have to panic over finishing it if you have a job!) it'll help so much. I work after university hours and luckily mine finishes at five. But the extra cash is always handy.

Budget! So try shopping for food at cheaper supermarkets and supply yourself with healthy food. It'll help you focus more. Junk food is nice every now and then but make sure you eat enough fruit and vegetables.

If you're in the UK reading this you probably already know about student discount available in certain shops. The main sites you can sign up to in order to use the discount online are both Studentbeans and Myunidays. Signing up is very easy, just pump in your email address given from your place of study and you should get an email to verify your account. Then you can start shopping online half price!

4. Stress: 

I know exams can be difficult while juggling those around along side with relationships, friendships, work ect but self care and well... keeping sane is also very important! Without sleep, chill and good food you won't be able to settle or do well in your subject. 

Again try keeping a little list of what you need to do, break things down and just take time out for yourself even if it's for half an hour. Then continue to revise and study your material or continue your coursework. But honestly try not to get too worked up because lets say even if you don't get the best grade or you fail, if you've got the spare cash and time you can always retake it anyway. Try your best and don't blame yourself. 

Keep calm.

5. Ask for helping:

This is the number one problem for me is that I have always been crap at asking of help off my teachers. From primary school to high school and then in college I gradually began to... I'm quite a shy person and I always felt in school that if I asked then the teacher would be annoyed at me for not knowing or I'll just be deemed as dumb as a door knob! 

But no no... always ask for help. Don't be afraid because the more you ask the more you'll know. It's better to ask and be annoying than it is not knowing.

 I learnt it at work before university actually because working in retail I always had to ask for different things; how machinery worked, what many grams and bla bla... I got there eventually, it's something I overcame really and I felt that it was an achievement. Sounds silly but when you grew up with rubbish confidence like me then those things really do help! 

Now I'll just grab the tutor and bombard her questions ehe! 

I hope this little guide helps if you're going to university reading this or are already a student like me... let's hope we have a bit in common! If you have anything else to add then please comment.


Primark // Mini Rose Gold Homeware Haul

Recently Primark has been packing the shelves in their homeware department with lots of lovely new pretty treats! Since it's practically summer now in the UK (finally!) they have started to bring in the summery bits and bobs for your home! But I suppose certain items will be just fine all year round too. 

Still I couldn't help myself when I saw these goodies though. Rose gold! It's such a gorgeous colour and perfect for this season to brighten up my bedroom since it's mostly just white, white and white? It definitely does cheer the place up! 

Plus the more I have seen rose gold coloured items on other blogs the more I've grown to love the colour. I did like it to begin with but just not as much until now... 

Cushions - £3 (each)

When I saw these pillows I thought they would look so perfect next to my current ones which are white with gold circle patterns on them and my white heart cushion (these were also from Primark too!). Also I have this obsession with just keeping everything white in my room. I like how fresh and uplifting it is to wake up to in the morning. 

Maybe it's a little bit sad that the only duvet covers I buy now are white but I've grown to prefer it. But at least these rose gold cushions bring a little life into the room! 

They were so cheap too, I couldn't resist leaving them there. There was also another style of rose gold themed cushions, those were longer and had this cracked design effect on them which was cool! 

Hangers: £3 

More rose gold! The hangers were just there as I was queuing up actually. I just threw them into my basket without a care in the world... isn't it great when you do that?! 

I already have a white hanging rail and previously my hangers were just plain boring wooden ones. So these ones are such a treat! They're really fancy looking actually because whenever I see hangers like this it is always in places such as Debenhams or on a pricy website where they're already sold out. If you are looking for some funky hangers then Primark is the place to be! 

Big candle: £3.50 

Now... I was hesitant to buy another Primark candle simply because the last one I bought smelled gorgeous before I lit it and when I had the thing burning I couldn't smell a thing. But then again it was a small jar one so possibly that may have been the case. This scent "Pink Grapefruit" is quite strong, it's bigger too so I am hoping that this will live up to my expectations.

Also I love the packaging, if any of you reading this have been into Primark recently and saw the candles you may have noticed that they're all really quirky and have some gorgeous designs! But I do hope this one will be strong enough this time. Then again it's only £3.50... I suppose you get what you pay for at the end of the day.

Organiser: £4

Oh my goodness. I was over the moon when I found this organiser because I have been eyeing them up online over on cheap places such as Aliexpress and Ebay for weeks now. I'm glad I found this when I did because shipping from China takes longer and plus online they were a bit more pricier than this one from Primark. 

It's great because my make up drawer is a absolute mess at the moment. I have blushers all over the place, my brushes scattered everywhere and such. This will do the job! I'll probably invest in a couple more for stationary too. So if you are looking for an organiser then... Primarni! Cheap and cheerful.

Copper candles: £3.50

I thought these were really unusual! I've never seen copper candles before? They're really pretty. It's a shame these don't have any scent though. 

Still I just thought they would be good for decoration and some snapshots on Instagram. My mother was a little hesitant about me buying these... I'm 22 and she still doesn't trust me around candles anymore (that's a story for another time)! 

Are any of you changing around your bedroom/house too? If you're struggling and looking for budget items then just bob over to Primark. You won't be disappointed! 


Zoella Collection "Sweet Inspirations"

Once I found out Zoella was releasing a new collection this spring I was very excited! I am quite a fan of her quirky and delighting videos but I will be honest and say this is the first I have ever bought from her. The past products never caught my eye as much although I have tried them in the store just to smell and look at but I think this collection really, really sucked up to me.

I did read some of the product ingredients online and once I saw they were macaroon scented I knew I just had to buy. 

Plus the packaging in this range "Sweet Inspirations" is incredibly beautiful, its really delicate and has a softer approach compared to her previous collections. Decorated beautifully in pastel and very warm colours for this spring/summer. I love it so much! 

Also I found out this range was inspired by French patisseries and little cafes which is why the patterns have quite a traditional french touch. So sweet! 

I picked these up from Superdrug on my travels although I was very surprised to see that they were already in store. Most things were already sold out by the time I got to them such as the bath latte which I really wanted to try... it is adorable! It's like a little bottle of milk but instead it's filled with macaroon and delicious vanilla fragranced bath cream. 

Still I was happy that they had the fizz bar! Initially I wasn't going to buy the body mist but once I squirted it on myself and had a good whiff I was instantly hooked. Into my shopping bag it went!

Double Crème Body Lotion: £5.00 

The body lotion is extremely moisturising after using it tonight I found that it sits nicely on the skin without leaving you feeling gross and greasy. The scent is a mixture of lovely vanilla and sweet macaroons (it's delicious I wish I could eat this!). Perfect for this summer after a nice cool shower or bath. 


Le Fizz Fragrance Bath Fizzer: £5.00

This was one of the first things in this new range that caught my eye because whenever I have seen these fizz bars they always remind me of a bar of chocolate. I think it was mostly due to the pretty packaging if I am totally honest. It enhances the product to look fairly expensive despite this fizzer being at a fairly reasonable price. 

I have yet to use this item as it's still wrapped up all lovely. But I have heard that these fizzers are similar to bath bombs which you are able to break off in chunks and use the pieces over time. Apparently they leave the bath all creamy and fizzy like sweet pop so I can't wait to use it now!

Sweet Inspirations Fragranced Body Mist: £8.00

I did mention that this body mist wasn't exactly my first choice but I fell in love with it once I tried it. The bottle is gorgeous, the smell is gorgeous. I've been using it for the past couple of days now and it is great as one of those perfumes I can just squirt myself with before heading out the house. 

It's fairly strong, I would say it lasts around two or three hours at the most. This scent isn't really overpowering it's quite faint but prominent. The scent has the tones of macaroons leaving you smelling like a lovely bakery, again a hint of vanilla and I would say lemon. It's got a floral undertone but dominated with more sweet and sugary ones at the most. Mmm! 

All products can be found on the Superdrug website here and in store. 

Are you going to try the new Zoella "Sweet Inspirations" collection? Please give me your thoughts! I'd love to hear.