中村里砂 Risa Nakamura (Risadoll): First Style Book

So I am quite late with this and I know Risa's book came out a while ago now. But I've been caught up with a lot of other things and I decided to just ask for this as a Christmas present. I'm very pleased and happy with this gift. 

On Christmas day I had a good skim through and although my Japanese is basic I could manage to make out certain pages. But if anything this book is more or less based on imagery. The outfits and scenes in this book are absolutely beautiful. I was a fan of Risa before getting this and I think I'm an even bigger fan now! 

It's definitely a boost for someone who is stuck and confused about the concept of Larme. The book is basically a gateway into Risa's pretty little world. 

She shows you her many outfits, even tells you where to get key pieces and how to do her make up which I think is generously fabulous.

To be honest I actually found myself excited when I read this because it does bring back nostalgia. The whole book is one big girly wonderland. Filled with so much beauty and fun it's really enjoyable. She represents Larme as a fun style and even mentioned in an interview on the Kawaii International Larme episode that her style is somewhat serious and cute, it's a mixture. I think Risa portrays the joy Larme holds very well. You can be adorable and grown up at the same time.

I do think this book reminds me a tad bit of Amo's book "Amo Scream". Their styles are similar but not quite the same. Amo's style was more candy and cream while Risa's remains soft and sweet.

Risa's First Style Book can be bought over on CD Japan or Ebay straight from Japan.

I apologize if text isn't clear and the quality is slightly off due to my terrible phone camera. But I just wanted to show a handful of pages for anybody curious or who hasn't heard of this book. Thanks for taking your time to read and I highly recommend buying this!


Christmas treats

I can't believe it's almost Christmas. 

This month has flown by so quickly! I'm really glad though. I love this time of year, I love how it's so cosy in the evenings where you can throw on your pjs when you get home and curl up infront of the fire. All the delicious hot drinks which go on sale in the coffee shops and tasty food. Not to mention all the Christmas themed products too. Plus cheesy Christmas films on Channel 5 that nobody really watches. 

I just thought I would share some winter favourites this month. 

Love Chloe EDP:  £29.99

I kept seeing this fragrance on various blogs and I've been wanting to try it for ages. Finally getting round to it I'm glad that I did! It's lovely. The smell is very floral and not as baby powder scented as the Chloe original which I prefer. But this one is nice on its own, it's quite strong actually and I imagine a bundle of daisies when I put this on myself. I love how the packaging design is simple, very chic and the little change that connects with the cap, it's a sweet touch. 

Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie: £6.99

It isn't often I buy Yankee Candles as they're not exactly cheap and I tend to drift off to other brands. But I do love the Christmas collection Yankee Candle produces though.

 All the scents are absolutely gorgeous, they last incredibly long and don't give off any horrible black smoke either. This one is incredibly gorgeous though, it smells heavenly like a batch of fresh biscuits and leaves the room feeling like a sweet bakery. It's lovely!

Sali Hughes 'Pretty Honest':  £12.99

I'm really late on this bandwagon. But I kept seeing it everywhere, Blogger, Instagram and Tumblr. So I thought I would buy it and I found it on Ebay second hand. It's good quality still though.

The book was fairly interesting, there is plenty of beauty tips and explanations filled inside. It is good for young women who may be struggling, I know some girls have not a clue where to start with hair, skin and make up. I was very lost during my teens and I was terrible at make up compared to know where I have a better understanding of products and what I like and don't like. It's worth buying I think.

I hope everybody has a fabulous Christmas and Happy New Year! 


LARME Magazine Issue #19

Recently I have been getting too invested into this Japanese fashion style called "Larme" or "Sweet girly" style. It's basically a combination of adorable, vintage and elegance or just the "kawaii  vintage" is how I like to simply put it.

But lately it's growing on me more and more to the point where I just want to dress up like the cute models in the magazines and take lots of pretty pictures. 

This issue is the second one I've bought up to now and I know this style has been ongoing for a couple of years now, it's quite recent and differs a lot from other similar styles such as "Fairy kei" and "Dolly kei" which are totally different things. Yet they're easily mixed up somehow. Thankfully though Larme magazine distinguishes the differences by giving their readers ideas of how to dress this way, where the buy the clothes and give off good styling tips for make up and hair. So I do think buying Larme is beneficial if you are only just getting into the trend.

Plus each issue is like an art book. Absolutely gorgeous, the pictures always feel like they're fairy tales and give off such magical vibes. They're beautiful. 

I just wanted to share this issue and I've popped down some of my favourite pages from this month's issue, including the lovely Nakamura Risa doing her usual thing and being fabulous! 

Hopefully it's somewhat a help to someone out there interested in Larme. Each copy is bought off of Ebay and the issues are released on the 17th of every month.