So it's been a while since I posted but between university and working alas my day to day life I have picked up a few lovely treats I've had my heart set on for the past few weeks. 

I mean a girl has got to keep on top of herself hasn't she? Plus with winter coming to an end (is it really though? This is England) and with spring around the corner I want some new beauty products to refresh my current collection, also the best collections always come out during spring. 


My skin is being a bit of a diva right now because we're currently in-between winter and spring still so I found that my face actually hurts from the cold sometimes so I'm forever lavishing on hand cream and topping up on facial moisturiser since my skin can be a bit of a diva too. I've not completely changed up my skin care routine but I have left out a few products which I found were irritating my skin and causing me to have minor break outs - so bye bye and hello to these!

Pixi Rose Toner; I've started using the gorgeous new rose toner by Pixi and I've always had such good results whenever I've used Pixi despite not owning many products by them either. I don't know why I just don't buy from this brand a lot and I may just start to because this new toner is so refreshing, I love it and the rose fragrance isn't too strong too. It's a perfect balance between being there and not being too overpowering.

I know sometimes I've bought rose products and they end up making me smell like an old woman but this toner has a very weak scent but the scent is still very much present which I prefer.

Dior Forever Undercover 24Hr Full Coverage; I have been striving to find the perfect foundation for absolutely ages and while I do love the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation I still find it very patchy. I have scarring on my forehead and with olive skin comes dark spots so I'm quite self conscious about it therefore having a foundation with covers that up completely is vital to me. 

I was curious about this product and I thought I would order it which I did and I find this particular one by Dior to probably be on the same level as the Estee Lauder Double Wear  and my other Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation too. I stopped wearing the one by Lancome because it was causing me to break out - it's too perfumed and my skin felt really dry after taking that one off. 

This new one by Dior isn't too bad but it's very runny and I still have to pop on concealer before applying this. The longevity does live up to its name as I find it stays on throughout the whole day - from 7am when I'm getting up and coming home at 8 in the evening, I find its still pretty much immaculate but I have to touch up the obvious such as blush or a quick powder.  

It doesn't have an overpowering scent either which is good and so far I found this product has been absolutely fine on my skin so no break outs or blemishes (yay!). But I still wish it was that extra bit stodgy so it covered up my scarring. 

Guerlain Meteorites Heart Shape Strobing Palette; Ohmygodohmygod... so I've been pining over this gorgeous palette for ages - well since I saw the preview and I instantly just fell in love. It's one of my current favourite everyday products actually because it creates such a radiant look. I love natural make up and I wear it more than any other look. 

I've long ditched the cat winged liner, heavy clumped mascara from my college days and just very overbearing shades. This palette has very neutral colours so it's easy to blend them together and while the powder translucent too so its ideal for most skin tones I would say. 

I find it compliments my skin well despite being mixed race with olive skin so its wearable without making me appear to chalking looking. It's just nice for that extra bit of glow to your skin keeping your skin looking fresh and bright. 

Guerlain Heart catching Lipstick; Big sigh... yet another dreamy favourite. I just needed this lipstick too as well as the strobing palette and I am so glad I invested in this little treasure because it's such a lovely piece to have in my make up collection. 

I will be honest and say this lipstick - the design reminds me of Etude House's (South Korean brand) heart lipsticks. A lot of their products are very girly, pink and have cutesy designs too so I couldn't help but think back to their past collections. It's great moisture and lavishes your lips so perfectly. I refrain from using it too much just incase it loses the pretty heart shape!

Essie Nail Polishes; You know what, I'm actually quite late to the Essie party as I've only just started using this brand recently. Why? I got sick of Barry M and Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen is usually pretty good I find but certain polishes in shades I love chip quickly and Barry M is just a waste of time. I have to repaint all my nails the day after so I gave up on them. 

Essie has been doing me wonders recently and it lasts a full blown week which is amazing given with my job as well where it is fairly active and I'm using my hands all the time. I'm so in love with the shades too that I had to pick up "Ballet slippers" which is the milky light pink (I've used almost all of it now! But it requires many layers), "Spin the bottle" is the beautiful nude and I'm very much besotted with this shade and I find it compliments me very well. 

I do adore the darker shade "Bare with me" as its more of a plum than a pink I would say but I think I prefer the lighter colours much more as they're more girly and fitting for spring. I think I need all the colours in their collection though... gosh they're so pretty. I'm sorry I didn't start using Essie nail polishes sooner now! 

Have you picked any new beauty products up for spring? I’d also love to know your favourite finds.



Okay so this is probably the prettiest perfume I've ever owned.

Hands down.

Introducing the gorgeous new Chloe Nomade Eau De Parfum which is a new release to the current Chloe franchise along with its sisters Chloe Love Story, Love Chloe, Chloe signature parfum and the rest that follow this release is fairly different to the others within scent but probably more so in its appearance as I think the bottle looks like a handbag and very similar to the Chloe Drew bag. It's adorable!

Plus can we just take a moment or two to appreciate the pink and gold tones? I absolutely adore pink and gold together. It's so, so perfect. Don't you agree? All the more reason to snatch up this pretty little bottle and fast too!

So what makes this different? Well the new Chloe Nomade fragrance is here to erupt the bold and more adventurous side of Chloe ladies, the scent is extremely floral but it isn't so light as it has a lot of depth in it. It's equally as delicious on the skin compared to the previous editions but this one is a bit of a stretch. 

Chloe Nomade is yes, feminine but daring as it's quite spicy and brings out a much more dangerous side to the Chloe perfume collection. I'd describe this as a charming scent because it holds as a classic appeal with a modern take.

You can really tell that Chloe have ventured out of their comfort zone with this particular scent though because it does shift away from the gentleness Chloe usually possess with their scent, however that is what I love about this perfume is that sexy twist. 

It's gorgeous and I would recommend this scent for yourself or a loved one as a gift (mothers day is just around the corner!) if they are keen on very intense floral tones combined with tinges of citrus, cherry plum and oak moss. 

I have loved popping this fragrance on here and there before I head off out because its just so addictive. I wouldn't really say it is an everyday fragrance - it's more of a "I'll just whip this on before he arrives for our meal at 7" type but I just enjoy lavishing myself with it. What can I say? I love it!

We all know (well most of us do) that Chloe fragrances are literally heaven. So it is no surprise that this one is equally as gorgeous. They're always long-wearing, this one is especially as it lasts hours on end due to it being so prominent yet delicate. 

Chloe fragrances are always very versatile anyway, I always feel so much lighter and daintier whenever they're on me actually. They leave me feeling a new woman! Yet another amazing release from Chloe and it's available now. 

Have you had a sniff yet?


Want To Know What I'm Currently Lusting Over? January Wishlist

With the New Year comes new bits and bobs in all our favourite shops but because it's January usually it's a month when most of us are pretty broke until pay day since we splurged like crazy over Christmas (guilty!). 

I've got my eye on a fair few things I've seen that have only just come out and I'm going crazy over them because just how cute... A girl needs pretty things in her life okay! So here is what I'm currently fawning over: 

1. How gorgeous is this pretty pink coat from Dorothy Perkins though? It's so adorable and I have started to invest more colour into my wardrobe nowadays. I'm tired of wearing dark dull colours because although I still have a passion for black but I get fed up of having literally too much black or greys in my wardrobe nowadays. 

All the tops, coats and shoes I've recently bought have been in nudes, pinks or lighter greys. I really want this coat! It looks so cheerful and bright which is perfect for the next couple of months and it looks super cosy too.

2. Lush has finally released its new Valentines day collection out and with it comes the beautiful new bath bomb collection too. 

I have had the white version of this particular bath bomb which was stunning (not so much when the flower buds and petals get clogged up in your drain) but the water is scented so subtle with a gentle scent which leaves your skin extremely moisturised. I'm hoping this will be the same but except with pink bath water instead! How cute! 

3. I literally squealed when I saw these! These gorgeous boots from H&M in camel with the scallop edges remind me so much of Chloe's version! These are much cheaper and a nicer colour than the Chloe tan version too. I had to throw them in my bag though - they're already on the way to me as I'm typing this but for £29.99 what a bargain! Stock up for the spring ladies!

4. I love Diptyque already but their new beautiful collection for this season is outstanding. Their new pretty candle in "Rose delight" looks an absolute dream. I bet it smells so heavenly! I haven't got a Diptyque store me so I can't really go and have a look myself but I bet these are amazing. 

5. The price is a bit much but of course Dior isn't exactly cheap. I've been wanting to give their Dior Creme De Rose smooth plumping lip balm a try though for while now. I wonder if it's as creamy and lovely as it look though? I have read a few reviews and so far most are impressed at the quality. Cute!

6. For Christmas I got a beautiful charm Pandora charm bracelet off my mother and lately I have been looking at the beads I can start adding on to it. Everyone else in my family have Pandora charm bracelets apart from me (shocking!) but I wasn't sure I ever really wanted one but now I think I'm so besotted with it I can't wait to get some charms now. 

The new Pandora collection for Valentines day has caught my eye and so has this lovely little key charm too! It would make such a sweet gift for this upcoming Valentines day!

7. I've been loving Topshop lately and it is funny because I never used to shop there that often years ago, now I can't stop! I've fallen in love with this pretty white top but look at the sleeves! It's a beautiful hollow laced material which would look stunning on when the weather warms up a bit!

8. Charlotte Tilsbury - oh god she and her make up are a dream. Everything she brings out is always so stunning, amazing and fabulous quality in my opinion. 

But when I saw the new Brightening Youth Glow primer it caught my eye immediately and I really, really want to try it. I have only heard good things about it as of yet so It'll be interesting just to have a try! 

Have you got your eye on anything right now too? 


New Year New Me?


It's finally here, gosh where has the year gone? It's literally flown by. I'm quite glad if I am truly honest because last year wasn't the best of years for me at all.

I'm never really... a New Years type of person? Usually I don't care much for it because while everyone makes all their resolutions and gives up in the next three weks with what they said they'd do (also me haha!) I just never give new year much credit. To me a year is a year. 

But this year I am glad it's new, a blank slate completely untouched and to get things moving after what I went through last year. It's been difficult trying hold in all my emotional and partly negative feelings but all I can do is move forward. 

It's the only way to go about things, we can't dwell in the past. So here it's to the new! Here's to happiness and a fresh start.

This year will be a fairly busy one for me because I'm moving house in the next couple of weeks so I'm in dire need of new beautiful homeware gear for my new bedroom including some pretty furniture. I'm booting my current bed because the panels underneath have collapsed, it's been hell sleeping on it for the past god knows how many months and my back is knackered from it. 

My wardrobe is falling apart and my cabinets are incredibly old too so it's time to invest in some new furniture. I've already got my eye on some beautiful units from Dunelm, also a brand new bed with a lovely white frame from Ikea. 

I'm still keeping my beloved white theme the same because I have always thought white furniture is so fresh looking and really pretty. So there is that to look forward too... not too sure about the building part (luckily my mother's husband is giving me a hand - or maybe just building them hehe). 

Tokyo is soon on the agenda, four months to go until I leave for two whole weeks! It's super exciting and in October I will properly apply for the JET scheme (Japanese Education Teaching program) where I could perhaps work there for a year or so. 

I'm still having a good think about this choice though because it's a massive one and I'm hoping I like Japan when I go - if I like it enough I'll consider it. 

There is graduation coming up soon too! I'm looking forward to finally just getting out of university, I'm so tired of it and I'll be honest by saying I haven't enjoyed my last year at all. It's been problematic, I've felt so lonely and I barely go in anymore. 

Some people say it's a waste but at the end of the day it's my decision and everything is online anyway... I'm happy to just move on really to the next stage in my life. New things are to come and it's exciting, a little scary but it wouldn't be living if it wasn't. 

But just like everyone else I do have some goals I want to make for myself too:

  • Finally get my diet back to normal (I swear it isn't normal to live off mince pies, hot chocolate and Terry's chocolate orange for a fortnight....)
  • Get my sleeping pattern sorted - It hasn't been normal for months now due to a lot of stress and many other things so I need to get it right.
  • Start swimming again! I'm lucky enough to be moving house where there is the swimming baths I used to go to when I was in primary school!
  • Save money - It's so difficult but I love stuff...
  • Leave toxic relationships - I've had to say 'ta ta' to a fair few people in 2017 and while it hurt like mad I know in the end it was worth it.
  • Be happy - the most important thing for everyone and ourselves

What are your goals for 2018?