Love Too Faced? Check Out The New Natural Love Palette!

I am so incredibly excited to share the new "Natural Love' palette by Too Faced with you all! I was lovestruck when I first even saw a glimpse of this one over on Twitter let alone properly on the official website. It's not just beautiful but wonderful, gorgeous and extremely perfect. Especially for this season!

The colour scheme is a dream as the palette contains an overall amount of thirty eyeshadows in various neutral shades, pretty pinks and delicious darker shaders thrown in there.  There is many mattes and shimmers which I think is lovely mixture. 

As for the palette it is fairly large, cardboard and does include around several shades from previous neutral eyeshadow collections Too Faced has released but there is "new" shades included too. 

I think it is a fairly decent palette so far having using it for a handful of weeks now. I would say the palette is average at best but the brand have been slightly disappointing with their larger palette releases as of late. 

Mostly because of the formula Too Faced uses which is fairly weak in my opinion. Although it has always been thin, slightly powdery. But they are probably best used over primers for coverage and longevity I would say. 

So I would keep that in mind if you are after purchasing this palette. You mean need to pack on quite a fair bit in terms of really getting the full look you desire. Either way though I still like this palette because the shades are ideal for the everyday run, neutral and simple. 

My selected favourites are probably Heaven with a dash of Honey pot my eye lid just overlapping Heaven which is a matte shade. I add Heaven just under my brow otherwise if I apply Honey pot, instead it being a shimmer shade would only cause unwanted creases. 

I love these two paired together! They're literally just perfect for me - ideal for caramel skin if you are wondering what shades would be ideal and you're the same complexion as me. 

Also I really like to add Fairy Tale instead of Honey Pot sometimes but mostly I stick to Honey Pot as it shows up a lot more whereas Fairy Tale, being as beautiful as it is I find it is a lot weaker. So I need something heavier most of the time and I love my shade to pop on my eyes! 

Starting from the top:
  • Heaven 
  • Lace Teddy
  • Pink Cheeks
  • Poodle
  • Spotlight

  • Fairy Tale 
  • Satin Sheets
  • Kittens
  • Cutie Patootie
  • Honey Butter

  • Nudie 
  • Push up
  • Bunny Nose
  • Dear Diary
  • Honeymoon

  • Tickle Me 
  • Money Pot
  • Moonbeam
  • Coffee Date 
  • Hot & Bothered

  • Don't Settle
  • Chocolate Martini
  • Love Bug
  • Spoiled
  • Makeup & Chill

  • Fingers crossed
  • Undercover
  • Smokin
  • Night fever
  • Stiletto

The Natural Love Too Faced palette is available on the official Too Faced website here lovelies and also if you're based within the UK you can easily pick it up from Debenhams or Selfridges

So far I am really enjoying this palette though! Despite the small flaws it may contain I do still use it and will continue to be using it. 

If any of you have purchased the Too Faced Natural Love palette or are thinking about buying it then please tell me your thoughts! 

*Also just a quick note - I have noticed there is many versions of this palette on Ebay going for a cheaper price but those are mostly dupes. I would stay clear of them as they have been manufactured using all sorts of chemicals which aren't safe and could affect you resorting all kinds of terrible eye infections. It is better to be safe than sorry. 


May Through My Phone! Photo Diary

So May has been fairly stressful for me actually... basically I have been struggling getting all of my university projects completed. Making sure everything is up to scratch, presented to the best of my abilities and loosing sleep with my essays. 

I have never been a fan of writing essays - even in high school I hated it. Luckily I seemed to somehow pass everything. I am just hoping I pass this semester as smoothly as I did the first. It can be all so difficult sometimes, university isn't as easy as people like to make out it is. 

Either way though I tried my best. This past month however has had some fairly good highlights! 

Such as I was sent this gorgeous mug (and it came with sweeties mm!) by the lovely JillyJilly How cute is this?! I fell in love with this gift immediately. It is from the new collection in celebration of JillyJilly's third birthday!

I think it's amazing, all the dedication and care gone into her products is beyond believable. They're brilliant quality and I can't get enough of JillyJilly's products. 

Even her new packaging is so sweet too! I love the little polka dots and bow there for that delicate touch too! 

This lovely gift certainly did cheer me up! 

Oh and I signed up to Glossybox as well! I have always wanted to sign up to one of these subscription boxes as I have seen others do so on Instagram and blogs. 

I was stuck between either Glossbox or Treatbox but I opted for Glossybox since I prefer cosmetics rather than what Treatbox had to offer. They're both lovely with cute things to offer! 

I am happy with my order from Glossbox but however after actually receiving my items I am slightly unsure if this is something I could continue in the future. It's practically anonymous items within each box you receive monthly and I am going to be honest by saying that I do not like all of the items. 

Some I liked but others not so much due to them either leaving me with break outs such as the cleansing milk which was included in the May edition or the eyeshadow being a reddish colour. 

So I think Glossybox is a hit and miss really but I guess that goes for all of these subscription boxes at the end of the day. 

Random but I am loving these pretty pink fluffy cushions from Matalan! How adorable are these?! I have been after pink pillows for a while now and seeing these online I just threw them right into the shopping cart.

Most of the time I buy my cushions from places such as B&M and Primark, but they haven't had any pink cushions that I really liked in store at the moment... I'm extremely pleased with these pickings though!

How amazing has the weather been recently though?! This fabulous heat calls for a delicious bottle of Fentimans Rose Lemonade! Not too much since I am trying to get back in shape... my diet has improved since finishing university for the summer. Back to the gym this week! 

But I really am hoping to get away soon though, it has been years since my last holiday now and I would be totally happy with going somewhere like Cornwall even! It doesn't have to be abroad. But everywhere costs money... it's such a pain! 

As I am writing this I am literally looking at flights to Tokyo in November (praying I can get one!) and freaking out whether I should just book it... reckon I should? 


A Mini Spring Treats & Beauty Haul!

Despite the beautiful cherry blossoms outside my house have all blown away until another year of seeing it bloom once more I can't say that spring is far from over yet. 

I have been fairly busy recently! While juggling around my daily life of the university struggles with coursework, trying to maintain a social life and even find the time for Instagrammable (Is that a word now?!) photos I have not forgotten my blog. Infact I wish I could constantly blog every single day like most do but unfortunately at the moment life just gets in the way. 

However over the last couple of weeks I have picked up a few adorable little pretties here which are my absolute favourites! 

I mean who can resist cute things?  

Around a month ago I picked up the new Garnier Skin activity hydrate and soothe day cream with rose water. However I did buy it more or less on a whim simply because I was desperate for face cream really, I found after I bought this that Garnier had released other new rose water skin products too and I immediately went back for more after trying the cream out. 

So far I find that this cream has been doing me wonders especially as I have changed my skin routine up a lot. My skin is naturally more oily and this product isn't too heavy luckily enough so I find just a thin layer does the job. It's been helping me aim for clearer skin and this cream smells amazing! I love popping it on at the end of the day once my make up has all come off. It's like a bit of a treat!

For just £2.95 it's a bargain that cannot go unmissed. 

Then there is this cute little kitty trinket dish from Oliver Bonas! I always need somewhere to stash my jewellery since it's all over the place these days. 

So I thought this dish would be great to pop just near my computer where I usually take off my earrings or rings at the end of the day. That way I can't complain they go missing! 

Now I have been eyeing up the new Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer for ages and ages now until finally caving in. So far I am not disappointed at all because I do find that it is a fairly decent primer.

Truthfully, I've been using it here and there sparingly to get the right amount for that luminous effect it holds. Really though a small amount is all you need for any primer really, applying this product is easy and it's very smooth leaving you with baby soft skin which I adore. 

I have tried this product after giving my skin a good cleanse and moisturise where I did not use any foundation and my complexion was amazing. Plus how gorgeous is the substance? It's all gold and pretty with glitter! The packaging is beautiful as well. I would recommend anyone to try this particular primer if you are still searching for that 'right one'. 

Also I jumped on the Chloe Eau Sensuelle Eau De Parfum bandwagon since I kept seeing this perfume all over the place and I wanted to try it too! I have the first edition of Love Story and that is such a beautiful scent so I expected to be impressed by this fragrance too. 

It is lovely though, I can't knock it because this edition is just a elegant and with that gorgeous hint of orange blossom thrown in its scent. 

After researching I found that this fragrance contains sunny heliotrope, with a tint of vanilla which brings sweetness to the floral orange blossom. The base is apparently sandalwood adding a milky, smooth depth. 

It is a heavy scent in my opinion, it's heavy and a very romantic one at that. It stays on for hours I find and I've been complemented many a time. So I say treat yourself! 

I did also end up caving in and purchased these adorable bunny flats from ASOS

They're stunning and lovely to wear with a cute mesh top! I've only worn them once though up to now because I don't want to ruin them. They have this precious glittery pattern on the material and even little fluffy pom-poms for their tail! Super cute! 

What are your current favourites right now? Have you been treating yourself too? If so, please share! 


Spring Cleaning & Little Bedroom Details!

I just love Spring don't you?

Gosh... well I've been purchasing a lot and I mean a lot over the past couple of months. Beauty products, clothing and some cute homeware pieces!

Now used to always buy pattern and graphic bed sheets but now I strive mostly for plain. Usually with a bit of lace or thrill for that girly touch to make things interesting.

I found this gorgeous bed set in Primark for just £23! I'm so chuffed with it and adore it! They also do a set in white but I preferred the pink since I only own one pink set with the ruffles. Most my bedding is white anyway... so I thought a change would be good to brighten up my room!

Also I saw this gorgeous rose gold pot with faux flowers in Primark too for £5! How cute is it?! I couldn't leave it behind. In the basket it went!

I've had this gorgeous vanity table for a good few years now. I'm constantly rearranging pieces in my room and I was so pleased to receive these gorgeous flowers on my birthday off my mum! They're still going now (slightly wilting) on my vanity table.

The cute little cat mug is from New Look which I use partly just as decoration. I found this gorgeous big candle over at Homesense! It's rose scented and makes the room smell like a flower garden! If you pass through TXMax or Homesense I recommend you pick a jar up!

I'm loving my desk space as of late too! I'm always putting things up and taking them down... which is why this wall has so many nails and little holes! It's a never ending battle really. But I love to change my workspace a lot because I'm constantly inspired by different things! New trends, artists work I want up and Typography prints I create.

Compared to the last desk space post I made I still have a lot of rose god included in with the white furniture but I'm now including more pink. That's the scheme I love at the moment: white, rose gold and pink! I just find it very pretty and suitable to my (dare I say it!) aesthetic. 

I ended up purchasing this adorable white wire basket for all my Japanese magazines because I have so many and I regret not getting a bigger one to be fair... I will be probably ordering more and more over time. Luckily there is enough space on the top of my wardrobe to hoard them all (haha). 

My chair can't be seen due to the throw... but it's a plain black one since the last chair collapsed on me. Literally. So now I am in dire need of a pretty new desk chair but I'm still deciding whether to opt for a swirly white one or a clear plastic chair... decisions, decisions! 

I haven't bought that much make up as I have clothes and homeware items really. However I have invested in this gorgeous baked blush by Milani in "Berry Amore" and it's by far my favourite blush at the moment!

It's so pretty...

But however, I do own a couple of other Milani blushers which are the flower ones but I find they don't suit my tone very well. This one meshes with my complexion far better and it's not too heavy either. Good pigment and I couldn't be happier!

Just a couple of clothes I purchased last month and I really adore this pretty embroidered lilac sweater from New Look! I barely own anything purple or lilac but I thought I would give this piece a go and I love wearing it! It's just lovely for this season - I adore embroidery so much at the minute! It's absolutely everywhere isn't it?!

Also this pretty lace bob top which is also from new Look and it is a little bit sheer though. But I still love it! It will do more for summer I imagine.

The collar sweater is from H&M and it's very cute on! I love tops like this with the little embedded collars (it just saves time actually throwing a shirt on underneath and you end up looking smart still! Lazy or what haha?).

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Also what are your current spring favourites?